The last time I had written a few basic points on how to style ladies handbags like a bollywood fashionista. Continuing the same, I would like to throw some more light on some other key factors while you consider shopping bags online. From totes to clutches, from sling bags to satchel every bag has its own way of styling, so carrying and holding them confidently like superstars is a real must.


Handbags are the most functional asset of a woman as she carries her entire world in her handbag. From a weekday to a casual outing on the weekend, handbags prove to be a big support for her. Buying bags online makes it quite easier for the common women to feel like a princess. To get crowned as a queen, the look can only be achieved only when the style to carry the ladies handbags cone along. Be it cross-body sling bags or the nifty knuckle duster clutches, these are only judged when carried graciously. So have a look at the know-how of our Bollywood celebs who carry their quirky handbags that mirror their eclectic style sensibilities.


  • No matter how much these Bollywood stars are affluent and super busy, they all encounter some common life problems like all of us. Even if they have got many employees under them, still there is a bit weight that they need to carry on their own shoulders. And for such purposes they always look for bigger ladies handbags. An arm piece if overstuffed looks sloppy. And for such necessities, a pragmatic and a structured bag always do fine. The other way around it is to fill up a large bag to carry along with your regular purse. Now either double them up or stash your smaller bag in it. But do not gain the non-seeking attention for your messed up look.

beauty1beauty2 beauty3

  • The trendsetters have also advanced a level up in their love for handbags. When we people buy bags online, we get stuck in one kind for a very long period of time. Our attachment for the old favorites brings too many wear and tear on the ladies handbags which eventually loses its charm of flaunting with high fashion dresses. To shine like a diva, you really need to recognize that high time when a new sling bag or tote bag needs to be updated in the closet. Holes, tears, frayed stitching, and worn leather, all signal you that your bag needs to be retired. So read them in spite of avoiding.


Have a look at the world of Ladies Handbags of Shilpa Shetty, the perfect hourglass figured woman has rocked every style, from sling bags to satchels, in her own classy way.




  • The pioneers of the fashion industry know very well about their shape and sizes, and so it is really not difficult for them to make fashion statements in everything they carry. And to adhere by what they feel or do, you need to know what your body type is? A bag relative to your size is the true symbol of your personality. Petite women should not carry something you could fit in; in spite of this, look up for bags online between something small and medium. While on the other hand, tall and broad women, a wee bag will look out of proportion and would make you appear too large, so go for the one that’s large or oversize.


The tall lady from The Kapoor family is mostly seen with large sized bags which perfectly suits her style.






A 10-Point Plan for Clothing (Without Being Overwhelmed)

Identifying The Best Suit

A custom suit is specifically made for a particular person. Reasons of putting on a suit are differentiated from one person to the next. Suits are linked to official wear. Men put on suits when attending to official errands. However, there are those who put on suits when attending to events such as weddings. The people who do runways and fashion shows also put on suits. Suits are also worn by men who do runways and fashion shows. Others put on suits because they are in love with suits and not any other type of fashion. When you see a man in suit, you always want to see that distinguishing feature. It is hard to notice that suits have so many details. It is the features you find in suits that differentiate a custom suit.

Men are not the same regarding sizes. Men are either short, tall, medium height or big. The different suits you find in the market won’t fit all the men. There is a possibility of finding men who just walk into shops and get the suits they find in shelves. They forget that the suits could fit another person better than them. Without strain, a custom suit always fit in a man. This is because, tailors take all the necessary measurements to make a suit specifically for you. This only implies that there will be no need for you to adjust a particular suit because it can’t fit you.

A custom suit brings out all the physical features in a man. Well-built and honorable men are what ladies want. Buying a suit from the shopping center will mask what you have. The fellows won’t be able to see your triceps and biceps. There is no harm of bragging a little bit with some few details of swag. If you are a well-built man, do not go for an already made suit. If you want ladies to fall in love with your physic, why don’t you spend quality time and make a custom suit with your tailor? You will be treated depending on how you look.
How to Achieve Maximum Success with Suits

Custom made suits are cost friendly. The cloth line and brand of suits determine the prices of suits. You should not be blinded by a brand name. Making money is what these brands intend to do. The quality of the suits is not only poor but also tends to spoil faster. To avoid complications, make your own suits. Apart from offering favorable costs, personal tailors make high-quality suits.
5 Key Takeaways on the Road to Dominating Fashions

In conclusion, you will always find a sense of creativity in being original. Putting on a custom suit will always identify you from the rest. Each time you make a custom suit, you will always have a specific design. Other than making you creative, the rest of the people will always find a reason to borrow something from you.

What I Can Teach You About Diamonds

Essential Information On Finding A Jewelry Store There are decisions that have to be thought out really well before they are made. You have to choose from the ideal jewelry store if you purchase a particular piece for your collection or ornament to wear to an event. Buying people jewelry is actually a good idea especially if you want to make them happy or impress them in some way. Below are some of the following things you need to keep in mind when buying from this store: The Right Service – When you think about a particular service, you want things to be perfect, from the way the experts treat you to the ornaments the store presents. The people in the counter are ones which you should be able to trust when it comes to these matters. These ornaments are expensive and so you have to take buying them pretty seriously. Make sure you choose an engagement ring with people who can give you the right kind of advice. You should be able to choose perfect jewelry when you keep in mind these tips.
Overwhelmed by the Complexity of Fashions? This May Help
There are stores which can check out online that have to be up to par with their services as well. There are ideas that you’d be able to get from those who regularly purchase these ornaments online. It doesn’t matter what kind of ornament you purchase, you have to make sure to apply the very same steps.
Getting Creative With Sales Advice
The Right Kind Of Knowledge – You won’t have a lot of time to make a decision if you’re already in the store. It’s possible that you could be under a lot of pressure when you have to make a decision right then and there. When visiting these stores; you have to consider this situation as much as possible. Some people shop quite quickly even when it comes to jewelry. It doesn’t matter if it’s for a gift or simply a treat to one’s self, there are always various kinds of approaches. You will be able to make a better decision when you do your research at all times. When you head to the jewelry store, you will surely have an idea then of what to purchase. Always ask questions because that is your right when you are buying something. The Quality Of A Store’s Products And Their Popularity – Do you think it would be a good idea to purchase products from this particular store and do they have ideal quality products which you can possibly add to your collection? Do they have professionals who can fix jewelry in the best possible way? When it comes to these things, it is important that you never go cheap! This is definitely one of the things you should remember.

The 5 Laws of Stores And How Learn More

How to Shop for Wholesale Fabric People who wish to invest in bulk quantities of fabric need to make an effort to understand how the fabric market functions, and how to source fabric for their upcoming project, whether it is for their home, office, costumes or wardrobe. Most people already know they can find and purchase fabric in numerous locations all over the globe. All people who plan to design with fabric must take into consideration the design and functionality of the fabric prior to shopping for it. You cannot purchase fabric, if you do not know what you are looking for. That is why it is recommended that every person take time to understand the design of his or her project, and to then start shopping different wholesale fabric distributors. Today we are going to highlight the best methods for buying bulk wholesale fabric online, and why so many are preferential towards this option. Understand when you take the following considerations into account, you are capable of finding the best quality discounted fabrics online. Because you are unable to gain a literal feel for the texture and weight of a fabric when shopping online, along with an accurate snapshot of its color in real life, not a digital screen, it can prove to be challenging to find the precise fabric you need to make your dream design come true. As a result, you are advised to research the various fabrics available to you, by going to craft stores nearby, to help you gain a literal feel for the fabric you deem ideal for your project. A few of the fabrics you should look into are as follows: cotton, polyester, linen, denim, silk, satin, velvet, wool etc. The next factor you will want to consider is the size you will need for your project. One of the best aspects of buying wholesale fabric over the internet is that it grants you the ability to invest in bulk fabric at a discounted price. Actively sizing out your fabric before shopping allows you to make a more educated decision on the right wholesale distributor to work with.
The 4 Most Unanswered Questions about Designs
Once you have your idea mapped out, and you know your dimensions, texture and color, you can then begin searching for a good quality and credible wholesale fabric source to work with. Some of the best companies on the market will gladly send you sample pieces of fabric before you place any orders. In addition, your wholesaler should also have a fantastic return policy should your fabric not live up to your expectations after it is purchased. Also note how the distributor deals with payments and charges.Finding Ways To Keep Up With Fabrics

The Irreplaceable Fashion Status of New York

4Suzy Menkes, a fashion journalist, remembers that the former New York Fashion Week is sweet: It happens in the clear October and sweet time, while these emotional words are not suitable for New York of this year. The spring came too late in 2013; the whole city still huddled in the chilly winter when the Fashion Week began. Even worse, the storm came as the same as weekend. It rained on Friday morning and then snowed. Just a few hours, the heavy snow had covered the city. The whole city was controlled by the snowstorm named Nemo.

But Nemo cannot stop the pace of the Fashion Week, everything continues. In the show, we can find it is not a decision that violates the season to have autumn winter series in winter. On the streets, the people who view the show still don’t give up their “show armor”: high heels, mini skirt, jade beads and stockings which is so thin that we can see the skin…There is no season in fashion, so who scares about the snowstorm. But it has brought troubles to the people who are still on their journey. Because of the cancellation of the flight, European buyers and journalists have to break their trip and temporarily stop going to New York.

The history of New York Fashion Week can be traced back to the 1940s. In 1943, under the organization of Eleanor Lambert, an exhibition which is called Media Week comes into being. This is the first one in New York, as well as the first organized in the world. It was hold both in Pierre Hotel and Plaza Hotel. Editors and journalists were invited. While buyers who are noble today only have the chance to choose clothes in the designers’ show. Eleanor Lambert’s Media Week gave a chance to contact the United States designers for the fashion editors and journalist. To be more exact, it gave a chance to the US designers to show themselves to the whole world.

Before the Media Week, United States already have a decade of fashion show history. In 1903, a shop named Ehrich Brothers in New York has organized a fashion show. This is the first in the United States; its aim is to attract the middle-class housewives to go to the shop. In 1910, many large stores start to hold their own show as an effective means of sales promotion. While in the 1920s, the fashion show has become a mainstream. Compare to today’s fashion show, it is more dramatic. These shows always have a theme, some with exotic elements such as Paris, Persia, Russia and China.

In the view of some scholars, the birth of New York Fashion Week is a counterattack to the “fashion tyranny” of Paris. Eleanor Lambert’s Media Week is thought as the smart PR behavior. Her purpose is to utilize the special opportunity of World War II and turn the attention from Paris to New York. After Nazi occupied Paris, Paris fashion status was in jeopardy; on the one side, the original activities cannot be carried out because of the war; on the other hand, the US media announced that the time of Paris’ “Fashion dictatorship” had been over, New York was becoming the new fashion center. New York Sun writes, “With the collapse of Paris, the designer which belongs to us will lead the fashion.” Facts prove that New York’s counterattack is productive. The World War II not only helped shape the new image of the international politics, but also won the new identity in fashion field for the United States.

The 1950s is a decade which is important to the Unites States; it makes America to be the real “America” in the fashion world. In the past, this country which comes from the new mainland always follows the Europeans. But the war has changed everything. The short of goods makes the demand to be the mother of innovation. The America designers must wean from the European mother, and turned the inspiration to the local women. The “America style” is becoming more and more important in the world.

John Steinbeck once said, “New York is a city which is ugly and dirty. Its climate makes people disgusted, its politics likes to play with the child, the traffic is nearly crazy, and the competition is cruel and harsh. But once you live in New York and it becomes your home, then other things will be not ideal.”

“The style of New York is unique and fearless. This city attracts the person who wants to express themselves. Fashion is a means of self-expression.” Diane Von Furstenberg said. In the special season of Fashion Week, there are shows everywhere in New York: In the subway entrance near the Lincoln Center, you can see models with gorgeous clothes everywhere; The cab is running on the street with the DVF billboard……You can see that fashion is the expression of this city.

But do not think that the Fashion Week is the center of this city right now. On Broadway Street, the new movie poster is still pasted; on the TV, the news about Fashion Week is less compelling; on the newspaper, in addition to the first day, the report about Fashion Week is not overwhelming. The people are interested in the Obama’s new tenure and the pope’s resignation…Perhaps, like the New Yorker’s writes,” On the street of New York, every week is the Fashion Week”. At this time, you will understand why E.B. white would say like this:” Everything happens is dispensable in a certain extent. The people of New York choose their own and save their souls. “

Doing Photos The Right Way

Convenient Photography Services For You

A professional photographer has to put extra effort to deliver a high quality shot of a photograph. A photo might be needed for professional or memorial use. The photo must be captured in an accurate precision. For event photo coverage, the photographer needs to avail himself/herself at the event venue

The photographer will take enough coverage of the event top ensure that nothing happens which misses the attention of the camera. Having in mind the purpose of the photography, it becomes easier to know what you want to be captured in a shot. A professional photo needs to emphasize on your professional attributes. A highly talented artist is the only person whom can be trusted to give such a piece of work.
You, therefore, don’t have an option but to rely on a reputable photography firm. This is the only photography firm with the highly talented photographers. For over several decades of service delivery, they have always maintained convenient and reliable services to their clients. Professional portraits are captured in their physical premises. You can choose the best theme that suits your career from the many optional backgrounds that they offer. They have been equipped with the skills that enable them to make sure that each person is photogenic. To make sure that they capture a realistic photo, they will engage in a conversation that you will enjoy and enhance your confidence.

An event need to be captured in a realistic way to ensure great memory. After a short notification of the event, the photographers will be available at the event. Simply book a photographer from the company. To complete the appointment of the photographer, you can make payments through one of the many methods they accept. The payment rates are based on each hour of service to guarantee you of full event coverage. To make correct cost estimation; it is good that you know the maximum number of hours that the event can consume.
9 Lessons Learned: Pictures

f you so desires, the artist can give artistic coverage of the event. Te printouts of artistic photos are just but amazing. The company actualizes delivery of the printouts immediately after the event has been concluded. Various ways of making a delivery exist such as door delivery, post or email. This is a hallmark of customer service to the customer. Portraits that are captured in the studio are printed instantaneously.
Photographers Tips for The Average Joe

The printers are hi-tech meaning the printout is going to have long-lasting effect. They also utilize high digital cameras that make use of multiple lighting systems that enhance their ability to show out the personality strengths. Make sure that each photo captured is clear and vivid as you are.

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Why People Have Flat Roofs

People can at times find it difficult to decide on the type of roofing of their homes. This is because there exist a wide variety of roofing materials to choose from. Flat roofs have been considered to offer many advantages compared to other types of roofing. A majority of people have therefore turned to having flat roofs. Easy installation is one of the advantages that these roofs offer.

It is easy for the contractors to lay down the roofs. This is because they can easily place the materials they are using to work on the roof. There is no risk of the materials falling off. The flat roofs can also support heavy materials without getting damaged. The work of those working on them gets to be completed fast.

Another advantage that flat roofs offer is that they are easy to repair. In case of leaks, identifying the leaking area can be done within a short period. This is different from leaking roofs. If there are dirt materials that have accumulated on the roof, it is easy to sweep them off. The roofs will also be kept clean. Those who use color on the roofs will be able to make the colors conspicuous.

With flat roofs, fixing of materials such as gutters is easy. It is possible for people to climb their roofs and have these structures set up. Balancing on the roofs is easy. Other materials such as solar panels will also be easily placed. Exhausts and vents are also easily placed on the roof. This makes them cheaper in the long run.

Flat roofs are more durable than other types of roofs. There are no shingles on them. They will not be damaged as a result of wing and other materials that hit against them. When the wind is blowing, they offer less resistance to the wind. They will therefore not be blown off.

It is recommended to have flat roofs for commercial buildings. They take up less space when being set up. This therefore assures people of having more space for other rooms. To allow for other rooms to be constructed on top of the buildings; the flat roofs can easily be pulled off. Roofing contractors, therefore, recommend them most.
Added to these, flat roofs are cheaper than other roofs. They take less materials to manufacture.

They also require fewer materials to install. Costs that would otherwise be spent on construction are therefore saved. They will, therefore, be able to set up more buildings.

Flat roofs have over time become a favorite for most people. People can always enquire from their roofing contractors on the best places to have the flat roofs. A variety of sites give information on flat roofs. This makes it possible for people to learn more about them. The advantages of having these roofs will also be enjoyed by them.
A Beginners Guide To Services
5 Takeaways That I Learned About Businesses

A 10-Point Plan for Fashions (Without Being Overwhelmed)

How the Fashion Market Keeps up With the Endless Fashion Craze A part of the basic necessities of the people is clothing. As the era revolved, clothes have meant more than necessities to the society. For some, clothing is a status symbol and for others it is an expression of personality. Either way, you can be defined from the clothes that you are wearing. Your personality is defined by the type of clothes you wear. What you are wearing can give people the glimpse of you. High end fashion is adored now more than ever. Clothes are essentials in the earlier years. Being fashionable is almost a demand in the present generation. Dressing up in style is not that difficult. There are fashion magazines, printed and online, that you can look up to so that you will know what the current trends in fashion are. It is important that you are comfortable and you like what you are wearing in fashion. In fashion, confidence is the driving force. Once you are confident with what you are wearing, others will find you more attractive. It is of utmost importance that you are confident because confidence and fashion is the best combination. Once you discover the types of clothes that are fitted for you and make you confident, you are not just fashionable but also in style. When it comes to fashion, the craze is never ending which gave more shopping opportunities to everyone. Online or actual stores, there will surely some that will tickle your fancy. Because of the richness of the fashion industry, there is no way to fade out of fashion whether high end or not. The fashion industry assures that there is always more for consumers to seek. What made fashion a booming industry is the fact that the society always catches up with it.
Discovering The Truth About Clothing
Shopping for clothes is inevitable whether you are a fashion lover or not. Clothes are something that we need in our day to day lives. If you are shopping for clothes, make sure that you are shopping in the right place. The fashion stores that you can go to is limitless. If you are busy, you can resort to online shopping. Since the technology we have today is very advanced, the fashion industry assures that they cater to the changing behavior of their market. Because everything can be done with the use of computer and internet, shopping is made easy for those who do not have time to go out to shop for fashionable clothes. You will never get disappointed with the wide array of fashion stores online that you can choose from.
What You Should Know About Clothing This Year
From casual clothing to high end fashion clothes, online stores will not fail to satisfy you. Online shopping values your experience not only by selling high quality fashionable clothes but also with other customer service such as delivery and warranty.

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How You Can Find The Best Interior Design Services For Your Residences

Depending on the scale of the project, having to find the right interior decoration and interior design services in places like Washington DC has always been overwhelming especially if you do not have ideas on what to do. Is your building, home and office needing some renovations and professional advice? If you are in anywhere looking for ways on making great profits from the sale of your homes, make sure that you can get the ease of preparing for the best sales through incorporating the best interior design services in places like Washington DC for your residential spaces.

This article provides the best answers to questions in the hope to address the main concerns about the interior design services, interior decoration services, color consultation and the right styling habits.

In order to let out a home that is matched with your style and preferences, it is important that you can seek the best interior designer and interior decorator services when it comes to interior decoration and interior design, so you can be able to find a way to raise the value of your homes when selling comes to a close.
Smart Ideas: Services Revisited

Here are some points that tell the differences between an interior design and interior stylists.
How I Achieved Maximum Success with Homes

When dealing about home improvement projects, it is necessary to take into consideration some important questions rather than attacking the task full speed ahead. One question is whether you as the client needs a particular interior design service, or somewhat more of an interior decorator, color consultant and interior stylist.

The scope and the scale of the projects can tell a lot about the answers to these questions.

The best interior designer services in areas like Washington DC are those that can discuss in detail what they can do about the project after being handed with the brief. Interior designers are individuals who have been known to take charge of creating beautiful pieces and they are also responsible for having new spaces for their clients that have new designs. Interior designers have been known to work together with interior architects as soon as the projects begin. Sometimes, these interior designers are part of a specific team and are working under specific design firms.

How can interior design services have interior stylists? These interior stylists are working to improve the appearance of the rooms with regards to design and style. Interior stylists can either nourish an existing style or create a completely new one.

Questions About Machines You Must Know the Answers To

Sewing Tips for Beginners Sewing is a hands-on and entertaining hobby that you can pursue. Further, it can also earn you an income. It is evident that the fashion business begins with your familiarity in sewing, crafting, and styling and therefore, if you have a desire to join the fashion business as a designer, it is important to begin understanding how to sew. Besides opening opportunities for you in the fashion industry, there are other many chances that you can get with skills in sewing. In addition, you can start a bridal shop if you learn how to sew efficiently. Thus, it is important to comprehend the terms that are associated with sewing. Sewing is associated with numerous terms and if you want to start right, it is vital to familiarize yourself with the terms. Further, ensure that you start with making seams. That is so since, they are the fundamental in the entire process. Basically, adjusting the seams it is a must in all the processes. Trying to sew on a piece of paper will help you to learn to sew the seams easily. Make sure that you practice sewing straight seams until you are perfect. In addition, you can work with a professional to assist you in sewing seams correctly.
Getting Creative With Hobbies Advice
Moreover, it is significant to do easy projects in the beginning. All the excellent projects begin with the basics and therefore before you desire to work on more challenging and big projects that are likely to be difficult for you, it is best to do the simple ones. Do not be in a hurry to learn the complex steps and your time will come.
Sewing Tips for The Average Joe
Further, make sure that you understand how to create and read patterns. It is very essential to know how to create patterns since they will direct you to the process of making straight stitches as well as cutting stitches. In addition, ensure that you know how to operate your sewing machine. Knowing how to operate your equipment well is a fundamental step in becoming successful at sewing. That is because you will have an easy time sewing since you are familiar with your sewing machine. While shopping for an equipment, you can first look at the reputable organizations as you will sure of the quality of the product that you will be purchasing. Also, it is recommended that you undertake a thorough research on the best kind of equipment that suits you. If your budget is low, then the best option for you is an old equipment. The employees of the store can assist you in identifying the best equipment for you. Even though you might desire a new one, an old one is the best alternative. You will probably get a used sewing machine that has only been utilized for a limited period by the previous owner.

6 Women Fashion Tips to Look Amazing by Color Blocking

3Here are six (6) simple tips to get you started!

1: Choose two colors.

Use 2-3 hues and stick to that. A lot of colors can make you looking like a dizzying, colorful mess. Keep everything else, your accessories, jewelry, shoes and back to neutral shades. For starters, it is incredibly helpful to use a color wheel as a reference.

2: Use color blocks vertically.

For those who are of short structure, the more common horizontal blocking may not work the way you want it too. Sometimes, it could possibly make you look wider and more petite. In this case, color blocking vertically is an effective way to fool the eyes of onlookers. Use vertical color blocking to make your stature look taller and more slender.

Wear two colors vertically. This will create a long streak that makes your figure look tall and slim.

3: Use colors to highlight a body part.

You can also use color blocking strategically. Wear brighter and lighter colors on the body part that you want to bring out. Wear the darker shade on the part that you do not want to highlight. The lesser contrast between the two colors, the more sophisticated you look.

4: Use shades that blend with your skin, hair and eyes.

Picking hues that match with your body tones will only make you look dull. Choose shades that are opposite to your skin tone, eyes and hair color. The complementing colors will stand out making you shine even brighter.

5: You can never go wrong with black and white.

When you think your color choices are not exactly wise, choose black and white instead. Black and white is a classic color combination that you can never go wrong with. This classic combination effectively complies with the previous tips, too!

6: Be confident!

What use is looking great when you can’t flaunt your looks? Your confidence is your best fashion accessory. As mentioned, color blocking is not for everyone. If you positively, definitely think this fashion trend does not fit your personality, it is always safe to pass. On the other hand, make it work so you will be able to look at your absolute best!

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