The last time I had written a few basic points on how to style ladies handbags like a bollywood fashionista. Continuing the same, I would like to throw some more light on some other key factors while you consider shopping bags online. From totes to clutches, from sling bags to satchel every bag has its own way of styling, so carrying and holding them confidently like superstars is a real must.


Handbags are the most functional asset of a woman as she carries her entire world in her handbag. From a weekday to a casual outing on the weekend, handbags prove to be a big support for her. Buying bags online makes it quite easier for the common women to feel like a princess. To get crowned as a queen, the look can only be achieved only when the style to carry the ladies handbags cone along. Be it cross-body sling bags or the nifty knuckle duster clutches, these are only judged when carried graciously. So have a look at the know-how of our Bollywood celebs who carry their quirky handbags that mirror their eclectic style sensibilities.


  • No matter how much these Bollywood stars are affluent and super busy, they all encounter some common life problems like all of us. Even if they have got many employees under them, still there is a bit weight that they need to carry on their own shoulders. And for such purposes they always look for bigger ladies handbags. An arm piece if overstuffed looks sloppy. And for such necessities, a pragmatic and a structured bag always do fine. The other way around it is to fill up a large bag to carry along with your regular purse. Now either double them up or stash your smaller bag in it. But do not gain the non-seeking attention for your messed up look.

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  • The trendsetters have also advanced a level up in their love for handbags. When we people buy bags online, we get stuck in one kind for a very long period of time. Our attachment for the old favorites brings too many wear and tear on the ladies handbags which eventually loses its charm of flaunting with high fashion dresses. To shine like a diva, you really need to recognize that high time when a new sling bag or tote bag needs to be updated in the closet. Holes, tears, frayed stitching, and worn leather, all signal you that your bag needs to be retired. So read them in spite of avoiding.


Have a look at the world of Ladies Handbags of Shilpa Shetty, the perfect hourglass figured woman has rocked every style, from sling bags to satchels, in her own classy way.




  • The pioneers of the fashion industry know very well about their shape and sizes, and so it is really not difficult for them to make fashion statements in everything they carry. And to adhere by what they feel or do, you need to know what your body type is? A bag relative to your size is the true symbol of your personality. Petite women should not carry something you could fit in; in spite of this, look up for bags online between something small and medium. While on the other hand, tall and broad women, a wee bag will look out of proportion and would make you appear too large, so go for the one that’s large or oversize.


The tall lady from The Kapoor family is mostly seen with large sized bags which perfectly suits her style.






Fashion Women’s Cowboy Boots

9Today if you browse around the large trendy shoe shops then you’ll find innumerable choices not just in designs but in colors also. If you are a true admirer of latest fashion collection then you need to be vigilante and keep the tap on latest fashion inaugurals. When you give consideration to all these latest developments then you’ll observe that all these designs are essentially comebacks from the decade of 50’s and 60’s particularly in women footwear. In this short article you’ll find a few of interesting yet informative insights on fashion men’s cowboy boots and other common footwear designs of the period. All these ideas might look conventional to you buy these are demands of upcoming fashion trend. All these footwear were made out fundamentally during cowboy period where roads and trails aren’t lavishly designed to walk properly. At that time the purpose of making the cowboy shoes was entirely different. As compared to today’s trend they have become prominent fashion statement and available in creative designs. There are many different designs you will find in women and men shoes.

Here are a few of the most popular trend and styles in footwear:

  1. Cowboy shoes If you are looking for a fashion and style move in leather footwear then what could be the best option than cowboy footwear. Throughout 1950 these shoes were much more ornamental than today’s fashion that are simple and basic. But you will find some lively and excellent color range in these shoes. The pattern of cowboy shoes is started with TELEVISION shows which were crafted on western culture. Gradually these TV series has given a new fashion influence on people in footwear that was previously ignored.
  2. Ski fashion If you examine 1950’s ski boots design that were a lot more like large top heel then you will easily identify that fashion of wearing ski boots has been drastically changed in past decade. In those days strength and resilience was the slogan behind production of these skiing shoes but today fashionable and trendy like adjectives are related to them.
  3. Regular or Every day shoes Then you’d not discover footwear for everyday use if you were living in 1950 but now you must recognize that you’re living in 2012 where shoes are represented as everyday footwear fashion that is available in variegated patterns and colors. These are a few styles that you can easily observe and have had become strong style statement especially in fashion of women’s cowboy boots.

Quick fashion cowboy boots buying tips

  1. There are several options that are available in cowboy fashion in the market ranging in different colors, material, brands and designs.
  2. Collecting fashion boots can be your hobby but do make it your passion because every season you will find a new style in boots. In this scenario your old boots will not easily match up with new trends.
  3. The material and brand associated with cowboy boots decide its price tag. For better purchase I will recommend to visit fashion cow boots and browse all latest collection cost effectively.

Fashion Handbags For Women

8There are only a few places where you can buy top fantastic handbags for women at cost-effective rates. Design Bag Buy just so happens to be one of those few places, and furthermore, it’s also considered to be the most professional of all in this particular industry. As a specific and certified organization, we know what customers are looking for. Every woman out there has her own personal taste and choice. They want handbags to go with their day to day style. But furthermore, they want style woman handbags.

These types of handbags are designed from top fantastic content. Their styles are the latest styles in the world of benefit and no other organization can go with up to that requirements. Design Bag Buy even provides item name handbags at the most affordable expenses, so you can show off what you’re designed of wherever you go. A right purse can be used for any event. What makes our particular elements and things unique is that you can use the same purse, purse or pouches for all the activities you need to be present at to each day. For example, a purse that you have in the morning can look as attractive and go with your look later at night.

Fashion is essential because it reveals the person you are inside. Whatever personality, taste, personality and even the feelings you’re feeling that day, it’s all shown in what you wear in the morning you wake up and in what purse you choose to take with you. Design women know how to look the part of an experienced and assured women, just by popular the latest styles in handbags which are found at Design Bag Buy. Our choices include set purses, authentic set purses, night purses, affordable handbags and side bags, tablet sequin handbags, hay purses and a variety of other elements. There’s even a variety of different styles for you to choose from, whether you want European handbags, Asian handbags or United states handbags.

One of the most significant things for you to keep in mind though, is that not every style needs you to invested plenty of cash, let alone Hundreds of cash, on it. Very few elements in your life are worth that much, but Design Bag Buy provides affordable women handbags for every woman. That is to say, that regardless of the item, color, shape, size or weight of the bag, the expenses will always stay within an cost-effective budget. This way, not only will you be strolling away with a wonderful new bag, but you’ll also be keeping your pouches happy and full.

Customers have yet to be disappointed with our immediate services and qualified workers. If you want to find out style purse more information about the awesome provides and sales at Design Bag Buy, you can surf through our site. We’re ready to cure you like princesses and a king and we can always assurance that we have the right purses for you who fit your needs and wants.

Online Shopping Factors that Affect Fashion Trends

7Online shopping is becoming more popular nowadays alongside with the seemingly endless innovations in technology. The success of internet shopping business is rooted to several factors, although there’s no single recipe to become a successful live retailer. Internet shopping has a significant contribution to the highly diversified and fast changing fashion trends. If checking of diamond has 4 C’s (clarity, carat, color and cut), web shopping has 5 C’s, as listed below.

Convenient shopping – Convenience is the most prominent keyword when discussing the benefits of online shopping. No hassle of going in and out of an actual store just to find out that you’re most dreaded pair of jeans is still out of stock. No wasted time for falling in line just to pay for a single piece of accessory that you have been waiting to arrive at store. If you were from the other side of the globe, you can still enjoy the same fashion trends that people from the other side are enjoying because you can simply order online, and have the latest designer bag delivered to your doorstep.

Comparing products and brands – Various products of competing brands can be easily compared with each other while you’re just sitting before your monitor, your laptop or your tablet. Everything is posted online and virtual shoppers could easily check the similarities and differences between products and brands they are choosing from.

Cost-effective and affordable products available – Since there are many products competing for one customer, prices tend to go lower by following the law of supply and demand. If there are more supplies than what is being demanded, prices go down, making products become more affordable and cost-effective for online buyers.

Customer service and after-sales assistance- It may be surprising but more of the internet shoppers nowadays are affected by the reliability of the after-sales service of online stores. This is highly observed among online stores that sell gadgets and other products that may need technical assistance in the future. Customer service reliability is also measured in terms of providing a good ‘return policy’ should the purchased product arrives in defective condition.

Courier factor or the lead time delivery – Going online means going global as you target a wider market. To become an effective online store or retailer, the courier factor or lead time to deliver is quite a big factor. No consumer would ever want to receive their Christmas decors on New Year’s Eve already. Lead time to deliver is also critical factor for fashion industry, as fashion trends easily move through time.

Creating A New Fashion And Beauty Style For 2013

6Far too many people these days don’t realize the significance of staying up with fashion and style. If you have already been considering keeping up with fashion for awhile but haven’t actually done so then now is the time more than ever to keep up to date with fashion style because you have this short article as your guideline.

A fantastic way to dress fashionably for significantly less would be to sell the clothes out of your closet that you do not wear. Locate a consignment shop nearby and bring those brand-new or nearly new shirts or dresses in order to get money. Make use of your new-found wealth to purchase a great-looking dress and freshen your fashion look.

Every woman should have a little black dress, however it is a great thought to have more than one. You should have one that you could put on if you are going to a formal function and another that is available if you’re going somewhere that is not quite as formal.

Accessorize to draw focus to the things you want attention on. This works to take focus away from problem areas, like a large bottom or shoulders. In addition, it could be used to draw attention to specific things such as your eyes or legs. Use essential accessories to create the most of your attire.

Take advantage of the summer fashion time of the year. The summer season is definitely the most open season in terms of fashion. You’ll find quite few colors that are frowned upon, and the design and style choices are usually endless. Put on the craziest colors and funkiest styles that you can think of while you are able to. When it comes to smear fashion, anything is possible.

If you’re overweight, you have to be very cautious regarding wearing clothes which have stripes. Make sure you put on vertical stripes if you are planning to put on any at all. Wearing stripes that run horizontally will simply do the trick of making you appear larger than you really are.

Clumps of makeup usually are not an appealing look for women. In reality, latest polls taken by men find that the less makeups, the better. This does not mean that you need to stay away from makeup completely; try to use warm tones and put on only one layer of mascara and eyeliner.

Knowing how to practice good fashion is one important thing, but actually doing it and practicing fashion is another. Try your best to adhere to all of the ideas from this article to ensure that you can have recreate your image. It really is nice to feel good about yourself once you have started good fashion habits and look good with what you wear again.

Fashion Merchandising Tips For Your Shop or Boutique

5Fashion merchandising is extremely important. It can attract more customers to your shop or it can leave them uninterested. So, let’s take a look at some practical tips on how to make the best visual design for your store front.

Now, fashion merchandising is all about visuals. Visual images appeal to people, like to other information career. They have a stronger impact and cause stronger appeal than sounds or texts. So, why not benefit from the power of visuals to the fullest? One of the things to start with is the store front. It is like the cover of a magazine. Many people base decision to read it or not on what they see on the cover.

So, your store front design is a make it or break it factor for your business. Fashion merchandising tips can help you to come up with the best solutions for it. First of all, let us take a look at the key elements of your store front design. One of them is your logo and sign. It has to be well designed and highly visual. You can use different technologies for making it to stand out of the crowd. One of them is using LED lighting. At this, you can use the LEDs both for the outdoor shop front logo and for the indoor one. You can use LED for the boutiques in the mall.

Now, the other key element of your shop front design is the window display. It’s like the billboard of your boutique. It has to be appealing to the customers and entice them to come in and check out what you have to offer. There are some fashion merchandising dos and don’ts for the shop window displays. First of all, you should not use too many details in the window displays. When you use too many small things in them, a customer cannot focus on them and get the clear idea of what you sell.

You have to create your window displays so that they would convey clear and appealing message to your target consumers. You see, most people would give just few glances or few seconds of their time to reviewing your displays. That’s why your fashion merchandising visual have to be catchy and have to work from the first glance.

Hopefully, these fashion merchandising tips would head you in the right direction in creating visual design for your shop.

The Irreplaceable Fashion Status of New York

4Suzy Menkes, a fashion journalist, remembers that the former New York Fashion Week is sweet: It happens in the clear October and sweet time, while these emotional words are not suitable for New York of this year. The spring came too late in 2013; the whole city still huddled in the chilly winter when the Fashion Week began. Even worse, the storm came as the same as weekend. It rained on Friday morning and then snowed. Just a few hours, the heavy snow had covered the city. The whole city was controlled by the snowstorm named Nemo.

But Nemo cannot stop the pace of the Fashion Week, everything continues. In the show, we can find it is not a decision that violates the season to have autumn winter series in winter. On the streets, the people who view the show still don’t give up their “show armor”: high heels, mini skirt, jade beads and stockings which is so thin that we can see the skin…There is no season in fashion, so who scares about the snowstorm. But it has brought troubles to the people who are still on their journey. Because of the cancellation of the flight, European buyers and journalists have to break their trip and temporarily stop going to New York.

The history of New York Fashion Week can be traced back to the 1940s. In 1943, under the organization of Eleanor Lambert, an exhibition which is called Media Week comes into being. This is the first one in New York, as well as the first organized in the world. It was hold both in Pierre Hotel and Plaza Hotel. Editors and journalists were invited. While buyers who are noble today only have the chance to choose clothes in the designers’ show. Eleanor Lambert’s Media Week gave a chance to contact the United States designers for the fashion editors and journalist. To be more exact, it gave a chance to the US designers to show themselves to the whole world.

Before the Media Week, United States already have a decade of fashion show history. In 1903, a shop named Ehrich Brothers in New York has organized a fashion show. This is the first in the United States; its aim is to attract the middle-class housewives to go to the shop. In 1910, many large stores start to hold their own show as an effective means of sales promotion. While in the 1920s, the fashion show has become a mainstream. Compare to today’s fashion show, it is more dramatic. These shows always have a theme, some with exotic elements such as Paris, Persia, Russia and China.

In the view of some scholars, the birth of New York Fashion Week is a counterattack to the “fashion tyranny” of Paris. Eleanor Lambert’s Media Week is thought as the smart PR behavior. Her purpose is to utilize the special opportunity of World War II and turn the attention from Paris to New York. After Nazi occupied Paris, Paris fashion status was in jeopardy; on the one side, the original activities cannot be carried out because of the war; on the other hand, the US media announced that the time of Paris’ “Fashion dictatorship” had been over, New York was becoming the new fashion center. New York Sun writes, “With the collapse of Paris, the designer which belongs to us will lead the fashion.” Facts prove that New York’s counterattack is productive. The World War II not only helped shape the new image of the international politics, but also won the new identity in fashion field for the United States.

The 1950s is a decade which is important to the Unites States; it makes America to be the real “America” in the fashion world. In the past, this country which comes from the new mainland always follows the Europeans. But the war has changed everything. The short of goods makes the demand to be the mother of innovation. The America designers must wean from the European mother, and turned the inspiration to the local women. The “America style” is becoming more and more important in the world.

John Steinbeck once said, “New York is a city which is ugly and dirty. Its climate makes people disgusted, its politics likes to play with the child, the traffic is nearly crazy, and the competition is cruel and harsh. But once you live in New York and it becomes your home, then other things will be not ideal.”

“The style of New York is unique and fearless. This city attracts the person who wants to express themselves. Fashion is a means of self-expression.” Diane Von Furstenberg said. In the special season of Fashion Week, there are shows everywhere in New York: In the subway entrance near the Lincoln Center, you can see models with gorgeous clothes everywhere; The cab is running on the street with the DVF billboard……You can see that fashion is the expression of this city.

But do not think that the Fashion Week is the center of this city right now. On Broadway Street, the new movie poster is still pasted; on the TV, the news about Fashion Week is less compelling; on the newspaper, in addition to the first day, the report about Fashion Week is not overwhelming. The people are interested in the Obama’s new tenure and the pope’s resignation…Perhaps, like the New Yorker’s writes,” On the street of New York, every week is the Fashion Week”. At this time, you will understand why E.B. white would say like this:” Everything happens is dispensable in a certain extent. The people of New York choose their own and save their souls. “

6 Women Fashion Tips to Look Amazing by Color Blocking

3Here are six (6) simple tips to get you started!

1: Choose two colors.

Use 2-3 hues and stick to that. A lot of colors can make you looking like a dizzying, colorful mess. Keep everything else, your accessories, jewelry, shoes and back to neutral shades. For starters, it is incredibly helpful to use a color wheel as a reference.

2: Use color blocks vertically.

For those who are of short structure, the more common horizontal blocking may not work the way you want it too. Sometimes, it could possibly make you look wider and more petite. In this case, color blocking vertically is an effective way to fool the eyes of onlookers. Use vertical color blocking to make your stature look taller and more slender.

Wear two colors vertically. This will create a long streak that makes your figure look tall and slim.

3: Use colors to highlight a body part.

You can also use color blocking strategically. Wear brighter and lighter colors on the body part that you want to bring out. Wear the darker shade on the part that you do not want to highlight. The lesser contrast between the two colors, the more sophisticated you look.

4: Use shades that blend with your skin, hair and eyes.

Picking hues that match with your body tones will only make you look dull. Choose shades that are opposite to your skin tone, eyes and hair color. The complementing colors will stand out making you shine even brighter.

5: You can never go wrong with black and white.

When you think your color choices are not exactly wise, choose black and white instead. Black and white is a classic color combination that you can never go wrong with. This classic combination effectively complies with the previous tips, too!

6: Be confident!

What use is looking great when you can’t flaunt your looks? Your confidence is your best fashion accessory. As mentioned, color blocking is not for everyone. If you positively, definitely think this fashion trend does not fit your personality, it is always safe to pass. On the other hand, make it work so you will be able to look at your absolute best!

All About Latest Fashion Accessories

2Girls cannot live without fashion accessories and it is a well known fact about which almost the entire world is aware of. Apart from their weight or their figure, they are extremely concerned about how they look like and how can they keep up with the latest fashion. When it is about accessories, they’re the ones who really are familiar with these things and the ways to use them. It is normal basically because boys are not that much into accessories; they’re more concerned of sports and gadgets. There are lots of accessories that girls use and below are a few of the most popular ones.

Girls undeniably love purses and handbags. With this, it’s just right to mention that girls of all age groups own a purse or a handbag. This is amongst the fashion accessories that a girl would carry anywhere she goes irrespective of any situation. The majority of the time, girls feel imperfect when they don’t have their purses or handbags with them. Except for being an accessory, purse or handbag also serves another essential purpose and that’s for storage purpose. It usually is where personal items such as lipstick, make ups, keys, and other small things are kept.

Other accessories for girls which almost all girls love to have are related with their feet. Boys also use shoes; however, they are not concerned really if they match their outfit or not which is in contrary to exactly what girls are worried about. Boutiques and Stores even have an extensive range of collection of shoes for girls than for boys. Another proof that girls are much more into shoes is the reality that girls cannot live with just a single pair of shoes or sandals. As far as possible they will have two or even more pairs in the wardrobes.

And certainly, the most popular and loved accessories for girls are jewelry. Diamonds are known to be girl’s best friend; however, not all girls can afford to get a diamond ring, diamond necklace or any other jewelry with diamonds. But, when it is about any kind of jewelry, a girl surely will have this kind of accessory, even though it is just a single pair of cheap earrings. Even teens and kids use colorful jewelry like a piece of their outfit. Earrings, rings necklace, and bracelets are among the commonly used and most popular jewelry. And when talking about jewelry, charm jewelry such as charm bracelets and rings with gold or silver charms and other kinds of charms which have different shapes, must not be forgotten. Thses types of jewelry are suitable for all girls regardless of their ages.

Apart from nice dresses, pants, sunglasses, skirts, hair accessories and hats, you should also think about adding a few more accessories in your closet particularly if you get them on some sale. If you ‘e not into accessories, you may not realize how helpful and useful they are but you’ll eventually. Sooner or later, you’ll realize that you require the most popular and commonly used accessories which were mentioned earlier.

Long Fashion Dresses for Formal Events

1Long Fashion dresses are perfect for formal events. You must be thinking about it if the party card speaks it is a black tie or a white tie occasion. The greatest quality of formal clothes is that they are very traditional, and there is not much variety in terms of style. At least, this was the reality even a few years back. The prospect however has replaced over the years. Now, you have quite a few choices, and even a little bit of testing is always good. On the other side, just like any other cloth, the reason of wearing this cloth is to make you look more attractive so selecting the perfect outfit is very important.

Stuff For Long Fashion Dresses

These days, long fashion dresses can be made of various materials. You can go for beautiful ones or can keep it easy. That is your own choice, but ensures the material is of good class. Even though that may price you a bit, you will be able to put on that clothes for a long time. This means that the deal is cost-effective in the long run and we would all love that, wouldn’t we. Also, it is significant to remain perfect when the spotlight is on. So, before you get something, confirm that you do not compromise on the excellence of the stuff. Always think of the time of the season. If it is winter, you have to select something weighty, while your preferences for summer must be clearly different.

Different styles of Long Party Dresses

Another very significant problem is the style. Long party dresses are available in various styles and in order to choose which one suits you best, you have to be alert of two significant issues – the newest styles and your figure. Check with fashion magazines to teach yourself about the newest designs and style. As I earlier mentioned, you have to pick a cloth according to the size of your body in order for it to be perfect. The color of the outfit is essential as well. Generally, darker shades are more traditional while light and bright colors can be stylish and casual. You have to choose upon the color depending on the purpose of the event.

Once you have a clear thought about all mentioned above, you must start searching for long dresses online. There, you will get a many pieces in unlike colors, shapes, styles and many different cloth choices. Finally, there is the issue of cost but this is a matter you have to answer for yourself. Each and every one of us has a pre-planned financial plan and we should ensure to pick something within our budget limits. I’m sure that many of you already know that marriage party dresses are also believed to be long so such a cloth is also ideal for a marriage party! Even though such a cloth would tend to price a bit more, it is always nice to appreciate all of our choices!

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