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1940s Fashion: Clothing Styles & Trends
The last months of 1949 saw the beginning of several important trends. One was again due to Dior ... at last decided that it no longer had a place in men’s fashions. Even though the 1940s fashion industry was bogged down by WWII regulations, that.

You’ll never guess the latest dining trends on the rise in the UK
So, when we were looking at dining and food trends, according to Westfield’s How We Shop ... are done so alone with the younger generation leading the way (47% of under-40s) and Londoners (56%) most often booking a ‘table for one’ each month.

Fast Retailing Brand GU Tweaks Strategy, Sets New Goals for Growth
We have the hit products from the big trends, but we don’t have everything ... but there are also teenagers and people in their 40s. Women’s products make up 60 percent of sales, but GU also offers men’s and children’s lines.GU currently.

China’s beauty trends: KOLs, organics, more make-up, and men
We will also see make-up, beauty, and fashion becoming a part of ... be aware that purchasing behaviour among men is very different to that of women. “If you are a successful man in your mid-30s to early 40s, you might not know a lot about beauty.

1940's Fashions including prices
Clothing was meant just to cover the body, and it was designed for the busy men ... of fashions that were made available in Paris, France or London, England. American created its own new look during this time. One of the major influences of U.S. fashion.

The Ultimate Guide to Buying Vintage Jeans You'll Love
Every season, you can count on a fresh crop of denim trends, but there's one category of jeans that's been a staple among the fashion-forward set for years ... premium vintage ones that were made from the 1940s to 1960s," Maione said.

A Decade In Fashion: The 1940’s
In the third part of our feature series looking at different decade’s in fashion ... the late 1940’s, it was reflective of the fun and relaxed attitude men had once the war was over. This kind of look can be easily worked into today’s trends because.

Fashion Tips For Men Over 40
Being fashionable is ageless; whether you’re in your 20s, 30s or 40s, fashion defines and redefines itself ... Now, we’re not asking you to junk style tips and trends, but you don’t have to follow them all like the bible. Styles change from year.

See the Best Fashions of the 1940s
Two events define 1940s fashion more than any others. The first was the beginning of World War II, in 1939. The second was its end, six years and one day later. American trends in the decade ... to fill posts vacated by men at war, the popularity of.

1940s Men's Reproduction Clothing
1940-1942: This era for men was simple and it included pleated high-waisted slacks and plaid shirts with a convertible collar. (Pascale H.

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