Cultural Trends In The Fashion Industry

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StyleCouncil Offers Hand-painted Originals as Prescription for ‘Fashion Sameness’
The company is also considered a pioneer in digital fabric printing, but it’s the studio’s hand-painted originals for fashion and home goods that has garnered the most attention recently. And in many ways, it is the company’s deep industry roots that.

Remembering Azzedine Alaïa, Couturier and Singular Fashion Presence
Azzedine Alaïa, the Paris-based, pint-sized fashion powerhouse, who became both a dominating presence and industry rebel while carving his ... and his designs could never be grouped into seasonal trends. (Who could forget the scene in the 1995 film.

On-Demand Manufacturing is on the Way—if the Industry Can Get Out of Its Own Way
Zara’s corporate culture allows it to deliver products consumers want ... Embracing that mentality is a high hurdle for the fashion industry, which for so long has been focused on lowest cost of goods, labor and transportation as a means to profitability.

Fashion History Lesson: The Origin and Escalation of Holiday Shopping Season and Black Friday
Welcome to Fashion History Lesson, in which we dive deep into the origin and evolution of the fashion industry's most influential and omnipresent businesses, icons, trends and more ... Modern Christmas in America: A Cultural History of Gift Giving.

The Next In Wedding Dress Trends From Bridal Fashion Week 2018
And as far as beats go, I could do worse than having my first assignment be covering the next in wedding dress trends at New York Bridal ... resources like Bridal Musings – fashion, design, art and culture are at all of our fingertips.

Fast fashion was inspired by Europe’s inability to mimic Indian garb
Today, the centers of the global fashion industry lie in Europe and North America, with cities like New York, London, and Milan setting trends for the rest of the ... might be condemned as counterfeits or cultural appropriation, happy customers wrote.

Editorial: Polls in Our Industry Are A Futile Exercise That No Longer Serve An Ethical Purpose
often reflecting emerging trends, highlighting important passages of delivery in our scene and the like. When the RA Poll first came out, it was a fun exercise, a way to give credit and representation to underground music culture. Over the years.

Luxury in a Turbulent World: What’s Next?
They form the mantra of Silicon Valley, are featured on the Obama Foundation’s home page, and the title of a cultural trends report by the futurist Richard Watson. And they are the question in a Bloomberg headline after the most recent luxury industry.

Is human rights out of style in fast-fashion world?
But what is the fast-fashion industry and how did it all start? “Fast fashion” is a term used to describe contemporary fashion trends that change quickly ... to the overall culture of consumerism and capitalism. But the crux of the problem is the.

Fabrice Lombardo discusses GEREJE Corporate Finance and projections for the Luxury Industry
An Euro-Asian M&A firm founded in 2008, GEREJE Corporate Finance is an independent M&A firm with an “entrepreneurial” culture providing both Strategic ... corporate plans and the future of the luxury industry GEREJE is and has always been focussing.

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