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Being a Refugee Isn't a Fashion Statement - New York Times
Uzi's co-founder Mari Gustafson said that the dress , priced at $119, was named during the height of the financial crisis, “at a time when we couldn't see ourselves escaping the reality of a global economy falling apart,” adding that the company wouldn.

Amazon Wants to Dress You - Racked
In 2012 , on the first Monday in May, Jeff Bezos stepped onto the red carpet at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City for the annual Costume Institute gala — the fashion world's biggest, best, most exclusive event — wearing a black Tom Ford.

Why Ivanka Trump Clothing Is Presenting a Major Closet Conflict For Women - Money Magazine
You're going to have to hold your nose and wear it.'” Liese wore the dress . But to make herself feel better she also sent $30, the approximate price of the item, to the ACLU. Under the Trump presidency , politics and consumer goods are inextricably linked.

Long hair: The final political frontier
The phrase “presidential hair” has probably never been used more than in the run-up to the 2012 presidential ... from the candidate’s ideas and policies, the stuff that actually matters. But hair is sometimes more than a matter of dumb fashion.

Who are the candidates vying to become president? - Aljazeera.com
The presidential candidate has accused those pursuing the charges of carrying out a "political assassination", but authorities have charged him with "misuse of public funds and misuse of corporate assets". Following the scandal, Fillon's poll numbers.

No One Tells Megyn Kelly What to Wear - New York Times
Megyn Kelly — breakout star of the 2016 presidential campaign, anchor of the “The Kelly File” on Fox News, current object of employment desire for multiple networks, best-selling author, mother, wife, daughter and friend (the last four being how she.

Writing Her Own Dress Code
Wearing breezy wrap dresses, form-fitting sheaths or mismatched prints that cautiously flirt with runway trends, Mrs. Romney ... look of red suits and helmet hair adopted by some presidential candidates’ spouses,” said Christine K.

Donald Trump thinks women should dress a certain way. Twitter proved him wrong. - Upworthy
Trump 101: The producer of his own epic film Axios.

From funky florals to over-the-top ruffles: FEMAIL reveals Hillary Clinton's 20 WORST fashion faux pas from the past 50 years
Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton may be ... she joked to Us Weekly about the ankle-grazing dress. When she became First Lady in 1993, Hillary had an endless number of designers and fashion stylists at her disposal for official events, but her.

Alisyn Camerota, Formerly of Fox News, Has a Story to Tell - New York Times
The executives in the book tell anchors to lay off presidential candidates , a message that Ms. Camerota said she received in real life from management because Roger Ailes, the late Fox News titan, did not want on-air talk about the accusations of.

Go Ahead, Wear a Pair of High Black Socks With Those Shorts - New York Times
The actor Jonah Hill is one of the celebrity practitioners of the black-socks-and-shorts trend . Credit Bauer-Griffin/GC Images. A look once typical of the style-challenged is suddenly fashionable . Yes, it's O.K. to wear socks — even high socks — with.

6 Things President Trump Criticized Barack Obama For and Is Currently Doing Himself - Vogue.com
But as a candidate , Donald Trump took his attacks on President Obama to new lows, spearheading the racist “birther” movement (and thereby questioning the legitimacy of Obama's presidency ) and firing off pointed tweets like, “ President Obama will go.

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