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2019 Toyota Avalon Makes Spy Photo Debut - Motor1.com
Launched in 2012 and facelifted three years later, the Avalon is Toyota's biggest sedan on sale today in the United States where a prototype of the all-new model has been spotted in the company of the current car and a Kia Cadenza. The mid-cycle.

NEW: Four Mobilians killed in Mississippi crash - WEAR
WEAR ) — Four people from Mobile, Alabama were killed in Jackson County, Mississippi Wednesday. It happened on Interstate-10 west bound ... The MHP's preliminary investigation reveals 65-year-old Jessie Stevenson of Metarie, Louisiana crashed his.

Toyota patents a cloaking device that lets drivers 'see' through car pillars to get a 360-degree view of the road - Daily Mail
The days of having to crane your neck around your car's pillars to see at a junction could soon be a thing of the past, if a new patent is to be believed. Toyota has filed a patent for a 'cloaking' device, which would allow drivers to see straight.

Keep your capsule wardrobes – I had to get rid of 95% of my clothes and it was harder than I ever imagined
As I started rifling through the drawers full of wrinkled garments which had been haphazardly shoved into each other, I realised the absurdity of some of the items I was hoarding: dresses ... In Fashion: Exploring The Critical Issues published in 2012.

CCIF Edmonton looks at rising repair costs and future trends - Collision Repair Magazine
CCIF Edmonton looks at rising repair costs and future trends . CCIF. A few photos from CCIF Edmonton ... “In 2012 we start seeing much of the technology coming out in modern vehicles. We're seeing a lot more parts on ... OEM panelists were Paul Stella.

Lexus Recalls 18K Examples Of HS 250h For Hybrid Short Circuit - Motor1.com
The issue can cause the components to wear prematurely and may result in a short circuit. If this problem occurs, drivers would see warning lights and error ... It shared a powertrain with the contemporary Toyota Camry Hybrid by using a 2.4-liter four.

2019 Toyota Supra: What We Know - RoadandTrack.com
Toyota reentered the rear-wheel drive sports car game with the 86 (née Scion FR-S) back in 2012 , and now it's got something bigger in the works. Something that could be a successor to the mighty Supra, one of Toyota's most beloved cars of all time.

As Camry and Prius sales tumble, Toyota ramps up SUVs - The Detroit News
Yet last month, Toyota's RAV4, a crossover sport utility vehicle, sold 329 more units in the U.S.. It's the second time this year that the RAV4 has topped the Camry in monthly sales, and the trend says a lot about the direction of the market and how.

2012-2016 Toyota 86 used car review - Drive
Check for scuffs and scrapes on the bumpers and check the tyre wear front to rear. It wouldn't be uncommon for the rear tyres to be a little more worn than the fronts, but if they're almost bald while the fronts are brand-new, you could be dealing with.

Radwood 2: The Incredible '80s And '90s Car Show Is Back And Jalopnik Wants You To Come
My ideal car show would have cars like the Camaro IROC-Z and Toyota Cressida and DeLorean ... What else: Period dress is compulsory! Dress like it’s the ‘80s or ‘90s! Honestly, given current fashion trends, this isn’t that hard.

Dries Van Noten, Icon of Creative Freedom
because they in many ways defy what we’ve been taught to admire in contemporary fashion. You don’t, for example, buy a Dries Van Noten dress or shirt or skirt simply for its cut: The shapes, some of which appear season after season, are conventionally.

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