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What's Really Behind Unicorn Fever - Refinery29
If you bothered to take a stroll through midtown Manhattan at the end of April, you very likely saw the lines of young professionals in their gray suits and dull heels outside of Starbucks buzzing for their Unicorn Frappucinos. (Hell, you might have.

How Georgia O'Keeffe Styled Her Iconic Self-Image - Artsy
Featuring more than 60 items from her elegantly streamlined wardrobe, including dozens of garments she made herself, the exhibition takes as its subject O'Keeffe's public persona, which she carefully crafted through her dress, interiors, lifestyle, and.

How to look this good at (almost) 60! How DO the French do it? In fact there's a secret to looking half your age ... - Daily Mail
It's a beautiful old building in the first arrondissement. It's also at .... Ines turns 60 this August and is grateful to be a style role model to older women , not least because she acknowledges people like her are few and far between in the fashion.

Breast cancer team seeks to reduce anxiety
The hospital has reduced additional appointments for extra scans by 60 to 70 percent ... added in August 2016. Women patients do gravitate to women doctors, Dickinson believes. Wright recalls her early days of training in the 1990s when perhaps only.

The Olsen Twins' Ex-Stylist Tells All - Refinery29
Swartz, who styled a number of musicians throughout the '70s and '80s, was also instrumental in launching the Olsens' first fashion endeavor, long before Elizabeth & James or The Row came about. Remember their Walmart line? Swartz created it&nbsp.

'90s Nostalgia Is Here To Stay — & We Have The Shoes To Prove It - Refinery29
Launching Wednesday, Rocket Dog has collaborated with fashion insider Elizabeth Saltzman (who was an early and consistent adopter of the style) on an exclusive collection that reimagines the brand's iconic "Bigtop" sandal — the sky-high kicks that.

Clowns Are Up to a Different Kind of Funny Business, These Days - PopMatters
Coulrophobia is, most assuredly, a new psychological trend that only arose in the past few decades; however, some of the earliest depictions of the “evil clown” character go back over a hundred years. Edgar Allan Poe wrote about a murderous clown in.

Social media's hot new trend is actually from the '90s - New York Post
Remember when you'd fall asleep while instant messaging your friends into the early hours of the morning, the digital trill of incoming messages lulling you into slumber? The days of (slow) AOL chat rooms may be long gone, but today's teens are getting.

She's 98. He's 94. They Met at the Gym. - New York Times
On their first date, he drove her to a restaurant in Middletown called Something Sweet. “He was a perfect gentleman,” she said, and he added, “There was something about her that made me want to keep on talking.” In a heartbeat, they became an item.

In Photos: The Best of 1960s Fashion - HarpersBAZAAR.com
From the debut of the mini skirt to mod-inspired styles, the 1960s were known for breaking fashion traditions. With the influence of British fashion , the rise of daring hemlines and the breakout of Twiggy, there was plenty to be inspired by in the '60s.

Needs & Deeds: OKC fashion show celebrates 10 years of helping babies with hearing loss
“We've moved from a home-meet-and-greet to a program and fashion show under a tent for 250 to 300 women ... as early as three weeks. We focus on getting it early and coaching them to teach their baby to listen and talk,” Hopper said. “Over 90.

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