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You Really Need to Ignore These 7 Outdated Fashion Rules
But it’s time to ditch the outdated fashion rules about colors you’re “allowed” to wear after Labor Day and which shades you can wear together. We’ve collected seven outdated rules about the colors you should wear or avoid, and put together some.

Your Go-To Guide For Wearing White After Labor Day
Rules were meant to be broken! This year we will be rocking our whites alongside our fall fashion favorites. Here’s how to make your most-loved white pieces last past Labor Day. These architectural collared tops from Tuned In Style will add an element.

Can we still wear white after Labor Day?
In order to tell who was worth their time, the rich women created fashion rules that everybody in the know had to follow. So if you showed up to the event of the season wearing a dress that was worth more than your annual salary, but it had the wrong.

How to Wear Navy and Black Together
So, I don't know about you, but in my fashion career, I have been told over and over again ... Below, you'll find 3 outfits that prove navy and black really can coexist. Here's how to wear navy and black: Rather than sticking to the blue theme, tuck.

Is it okay to wear white after Labor Day?
If you care about fashion, you're not going to wear white after Labor Day. Not wearing white outside the summer months was another one of these silly rules. White was for weddings and resort wear, not dinner parties in the fall. Of course it could get.

Fashion for keeps
They are designed as separates so that you can wear them in multiple ways ... pieces with long-lasting quality and durability over fast fashion.” Well, going sustainable is cool. Let no rules guide you. Do it your way. A tee that could last 10 years.

Why Can’t You Wear White After Labor Day?
South Korea simulates attack on North's nuke site after test Wearing white in the summer makes sense ... the women who were already “in” felt it necessary to create dozens of fashion rules that everyone in the know had to follow.

The Truth About Wearing Black to a Wedding
Finally, you could always wear a suit: that's what all the men will do and there's nothing to say you can't join in! The rules on black at weddings vary wildly depending on location, so this advice may not work everywhere. In the USA, it might be much more.

The One Fashion "Rule" You Should Always Break
When it comes to fashion rules, this editor’s opinion is that they’re made to be broken. Sure, there are some important ones: dress for your body type, adhere to wedding dress codes, and don't wear inappropriate office clothes. But other than that.

15 White Pieces To Wear After Labor Day, Because Nobody Tells Us What To Do
I'm talking about the "don't wear white after Labor Day" adage, largely perpetuated by grandmas and advice columnists. But here at Refinery29, we're fans of a different style tenant: fuck the fashion rules. Ahead, we've rounded up 15 pieces to consider.

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