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Heart-bangs hair is all the rage among Korean women now
Following the see-through bangs trend earlier, a new trend has taken over and that’s heart-bangs hair. No one knows who started this, but Korean women has been trying out the hairstyle by twirling their bangs into a heart shape, and uploading photos of.

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Korean women heart hair bangs: Kendall Jenner inspires latest hair trend
After smashing the record for the most liked picture on Instagram, American model Kendall Jenner sparked off a hair trend that is growing increasingly popular among Korean women. Sporting conjoined fringes, or rather, heart-shaped hair bangs is apparently.

Women Are Shaping Their Bangs Into Hearts
So how do they do it? First, they part their hair down the middle, then split their bangs into two sections and twirl them inward, forming a heart. Okay, we admit, this trend isn't as weird as bubble nails, but it's still hard to take these heart-inspired.

Heart Shaped Bangs- Is This Korean Trend The Latest In Hair?
According to Kotaku, young South Korean women in their late teens and early twenties are quickly embracing the trend. In fact, playful snaps of heart-shaped bangs have been making a splash on Instagram. Of course, this isn’t the first time that we’ve.

South Korean 'Heart-Bang Hair' Is Becoming The Latest Fashion Trend
Kendall Jenner: The inspiration for this new hairstyle. Kendall Jenner's picture lying on the floor with beautiful black hair creating hearts became one of the most liked pictures on Instagram. After that, young women of South-Korea have pickep-up the.

Heart-shaped bangs are officially a thing in South Korea
In the district of Gangbuk in Seoul, young women (and a few men) are hopping on board the latest hair trend: heart-shaped bangs, or what they call ‘hateu ... Though as one Korean netizen notes, they are not getting heart-shaped hairstyles for everyday.

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Fashion Trend: Heart-Shaped Hair Bangs
Brian Ashcraft of Kotaku reports that an exciting new hair fashion is sweeping South Korea: bangs that look like upside-down hearts. It's especially popular among teenagers and twentysomethings, who have been styling their hair and uploading photos of.

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By finding the right style to complement your specific facial ... Read on to find out which fringe will frame and flatter your face shape! Use bangs to establish balance, says Cutler. Lucky for all you heart-shaped beauties, bangs, by their very nature.

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