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Finish Line teams with Migos for creative partnership
Athletic apparel retailer Finish Line has formed a partnership with the hip-hop trio Migos where the group will take ... Migos will assume creative control over the style and theme for upcoming product shoots, direct the vision on the production set.

What's Up With All the Hip-Hop Stars Naming Themselves After Fashion Brands?
Hip-hop's infatuation with fashion is no revelation ... The list reads like the tags on a Louise Linton Instagram post, and speaks to the trend of adopting fashion names, many of which were originally the last names of real life founders, and the.

Female Rappers Have Been Influencing Fashion for Decades
A look at how a few women in hip-hop have sparked and shaped sartorial trends while also making their mark on the music industry. Welcome to Pop Culture Week! While you can always find us waxing poetic about the hefty overlap between fashion and pop.

From On Stage To Everday Life: Fashion Trends Inspired By K-Pop Stars
It’s no secret that Korean singers are admired for their singing and dancing skills, but many people also look up to them to gain insight into the next top trend ... style that K-pop stars love. Bring out your Supremes, Yeezys, and all other hip brand.

Streetwear Primer: How to Style the Year’s Biggest Menswear Trend
And while the ultra-relaxed uniforms of Silicon Valley giants have certainly played a role in this style shift, the rise of hip-hop-inspired streetwear has ... fusing the punk-rock elements of the trend with slim-fitting, mod-inspired cuts.

Garment Renaissance: The Return of Wu Wear
Whether it was Dapper Dan “Africanizing” the biggest houses and giving them the Harlem touch or Brand Nubian big-upping Tommy Hilfiger, trends quickly caught ... “Being a sound and style that’s Hip Hop in its foundation, it has evolved to be.

Desi Hip-Hop Artists And Their Clothing Brands
We all are pretty much aware of the fact that hip-hop in itself is a trend setting genre. Not only have artists pushed their flair over the years, but they have also got the fashion industry buzzing by setting some glorious style statements. Ever since hip.

Hip hop show brings luxury streetwear to China’s millennials, thanks to 200 million viewers
Hip hop fashion and streetwear culture, though popular in the West, have never gone mainstream in China. But that may be changing owing to a popular online reality show and rap competition called The Rap of China, which features four celebrity producers.

Saint Louis Art Museum panel to discuss influence of hip-hop on fashion
Even before the rap trio proved that there was money to be made by linking up with the tastemakers to influence the trends, style has been as synonymous as the beats and rhymes since the genre’s inception. Hip-hop has also had its share of unwitting (and.

Having Found Freedom Through Free Writing, This Kansas City Hip-Hop Artist Is Passing It On
At first, Marcel looked up to certain hip-hop artists and emulated their style. But as he grew older ... Urban farming is the trend that keeps on trending. Technically, you can trace it all the way back to the victory gardens of WWI.

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