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A History of Fashion's Obsession with the Space Age, From Courrèges to Chanel - W Magazine
If Isaac Newton were alive today, he might have come up with a fourth law of motion just to deal with fashion trends , which seem to defy all existing rules by moving forwards and backwards at the same time. Fashion is supposed to take us into the.

Clary Runway will take over Cain's Ballroom on Saturday - Tulsa World
for Community HigherEd. “We wanted to show how there is an evolution of fashion that always has some ties to the past. Part of the fashion design program includes studying history and trends , so it's a cool way to see how students work in the.

From Lolita To Gyaru: 4 trends that changed Japan's fashion history - Japan Today
Trends come and go, and that's bound to happen. But once in a while, you'll see those popular swings come as a flash of light, turn everything upside down, and leave deep traces in their field. Just like Coco Chanel's mini black dress, the platform.

The history of 'Instagram' make-up: From contours, highlights to airbrushed skin - The Independent
The history of 'Instagram' make-up: From contours, highlights to airbrushed skin. It turns out the Kardashians didn't ... “Contouring is as old as make up itself” says Maddie Pearce, a makeup artist with two decades of experience who has worked on.

10 Fashion Trends You Didn't Know Were Started by World Leaders - History
Monarchs and heads of state have used clothing to cultivate an image, and in some cases their styles became so iconic that they filtered into the mainstream. From Julius Caesar to Nelson Mandela, check out 10 of history's most fashionable world leaders.

Professor uses Sudanese fashion trends to explore women's history - The University Daily Kansan
These tobes are used as historical markers for events such as Sudanese police cars getting flashing red and blue lights, to larger events like women being allowed to go to school or the launch of Sputnik. As a historian, Brown used these clothing.

Marc Jacobs closes out Fashion Week with an operatic finale
something that's fashion forward, something that's wearable, something that's relatable, something that's buyable and I think that's important to women," Longoria said. "They want to invest in themselves but in pieces that are not trends and they're gonna.

6 of the Most Whimsical Fall Fashion Trends
In fact, this season, designers proved that whimsical fashion trends are the future ... but we have a feeling some of the collections we reference here just might go down in history as the most whimsical fashion moments of all time, which is why we.

These are the 9 fall fashion trends people are searching for most right now
But one thing’s for sure: We all have fall fashion trends on the brain. And according to search data ... when denim skirts came back into vogue after being relegated to the history books (of the ’90s and early ’00s). The knee-length style has.

Shop a century of fashion on Pittsburgh's South Side - Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
There's a lot of history on Pittsburgh's South Side. ... The nationwide retail chain, headquartered in Tucson, Ariz., purchases new, lightly worn current trends and good-condition vintage selections for women and men in exchange for cash or a store trade.

Tennis Style Is Still the Coolest Trend of 2017 - GQ Magazine
Björn Borg might be the only person in professional sports history to find a second life as both a classic Halloween costume and a source of legit style inspiration. The Swedish tennis star's signature look—pinstripe polo, track jacket, headband.

This Day in Sneaker History // Kanye West Releases Graduation
Ten years ago on this day in sneaker history, Kanye West released his third ... blossomed him into the face of footwear and men’s fashion for the decade that’s followed since. West challenged trends both socially and stylistically on his debut, The.

NBA Star DeAndre Jordan Doesn't Care About Following Trends - Esquire.com
The history makes it interesting." Not surprising, considering Jordan's style role model—Walt "Clyde" Frazier—hit the scene fifty years ago in a series of eye-popping fur coats, oversized hats, and, yes, patterned trousers. We can't fault Jordan for.

2017 Identity Shift: Tracking Seahawks team trends as they appear and disappear - Field Gulls
In this weekly course (fall semester only) you will assist the author in identifying and discarding legitimate trends about the 2017 Seattle Seahawks, as said trends develop and mutate in real time throughout the season. Your feedback will be employed.

24 photos that show the 30-year evolution of Burning Man's wild fashion - Business Insider
Another essential part of Burning Man is the costumes, which usually include some combination of unicorn horns, goggles, Mylar spacesuits, and glow-in-the-dark gear. Burning Man's fashion has changed since its founding in 1986, when just 35 people&nbsp.

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