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Summer Style: Pro Tips on Mens' Hair Trends
Over the past few months, cooler than average temperatures throughout much of the United States have caused skeptics to ponder whether spring and summer will actually arrive-and remain. However, predictions from the Weather Channel suggest that soon, much.

Home Hair Coloring: Tips and Tools
So, how do you successfully color your hair at home with the best results and with the most ease? Here are some tips and tools to help you achieve ... of hours are spent just to encourage both men and women to take their hair into their own hands.

Beauty Tips For Teens Who Wish To Keep Ahead
There’s nothing that a young person, whether male or female ... Many articles online offer advice on how to choose the right makeup. Alternatively, you can talk to a fashion expert concerning the same. There are people who claim that they do not need.

5 Tips for Establishing the Beard You Want
Some weeks might seem like they’ve seen less growth than the week before, or you might have a patch here or there where the hair is a bit thinner. Just be patient. Few men can grow a full ... In addition, the color, length and style of the hair on.

Never Ask Your Stylist for One of These 11 Unfortunate Hair Styles
She’s a total hair chameleon, with some styles working decidedly better than others. Her mohawk bun, for example, is one style that didn’t do Osbourne any favors. A word of advice ... stay buried in the ’80s for men and women alike.

This 18-year-old's natural hair will make you reconsider straightening your curls
With freshly-washed hair and a DevaTowel around his shoulders, Koby goes to work on his textured strands. Need-to-know tips like “Detangle to evenly ... that they were going to try my routine on the men in their families and how they enjoyed my video.

Fashion Tips For Bald Men
Here are some fashion tips for bald men that will make them confident and attractive. Shave If you have a fairly attractive face and a big head, then shave off all your hair. It will make you look incredibly sexy, like Bruce Willis. Goatee If you have.

8 Things Men Want During Sex That Are So Simple, It's Stupid
Sure, we appreciate that warm, hard parts feel good when touched by warm, soft parts (and vice versa) but beyond that, it's horrible advice about ... him how to wear his hair. Check out the video below for even more things men want from you during sex.

The US Open's Official Hairstylist Reveals His Top Three Post-Workout Grooming Tips
And this year marks Julien’s 11th anniversary of the Julien Farel Style Suite, an exclusive beauty and grooming ... And the reality is most men don’t have time to enjoy a relaxing post-workout shower, especially if they’re squeezing in a sweat.

Men's hair advice: how to choose a new haircut
Then, once you're there, ask your stylist for a little advice before you make ... know exactly what you don't want your hair to look like. For example, if you tend to wear mainly classic attire, an edgy rockabilly style might not be a look you need to.

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