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48 Skiers Who Shaped Our Sport
Tom Bie Wayne Wong will primarily be remembered for riding his tails and sporting a perma-tan with a huge, shit-eating grin hung beneath a pair of white, iSki sunglasses. But beyond his '70s freak-fashion ... up twin tips, and convince the men in charge.

Waiters reveal the most OUTRAGEOUS comments they've overheard as they brought customers food (including one ... - Daily Mail
More than 33,000 people have upvoted the Reddit thread, which asks waiting staff to share stories of the weirdest things they've ever heard customers say. More than 21,000 people have responded with their tales - and they will make you much more likely.

Social media users posted images of themselves onto Reddit, saying: 'Roast Me!' - Daily Mail
A group of thick-skinned social media users have challenged people on Reddit to 'roast' their looks after posting images of themselves on the site. The masochistic bunch upload snaps of themselves to the Roast Me section of the popular website and then.

Leave food on your plate, track everything you eat and ONLY drink water: People share their go-to tips for losing ... - Daily Mail
In fact, if you're eating when you're NOT truly hungry, well that may be part of the problem,' one man wrote on Reddit . 'I've been on and off on the weight loss/diet train the past couple years, but this is definitely what helps me,' another agreed.

Men reveal the traits that women think are cute but are actually VERY annoying - including sharing food and ... - Daily Mail
Men have revealed the most annoying things their girlfriends can do – and every woman is guilty of at least one of them. In a Reddit post users were asked about behaviour that women think is cute, but is actually really annoying. The post was called.

'I hope you forgive me in the afterlife': Canadian man wanted for fatally stabbing his girlfriend, 22, is on the run ... - Daily Mail
A disturbing confession has emerged on Reddit as police hunt for a 24-year-old Canadian man suspected of killing his girlfriend, police said. Ager Hasan fled to the US hours after he allegedly killed Melinda Vasilije, 22, his girlfriend of one year, in.

Small Business: Giving glasses to children in need - Mr Foureyes - New Zealand Herald
We always felt that there was a need for both an alternative way for Kiwis to buy glasses , and for Kiwi children to be screened and treated for vision issues. I had a hunch there was a need for more work with school children to make sure their eyesight.

Three's a crowd? Man leaves internet totally perplexed with creepy vacation selfie in which his girlfriend appears ... - Daily Mail
A man who tried to take a romantic selfie with his girlfriend has left the internet baffled—and very amused—with a snap that makes it look like the woman has two heads. Reddit user JuddJasper shared his bizarre photo on the website on Sunday, with.

Bragging, sexual innuendos and liking too many Instagram photos: Women reveal the things that REALLY make men ... - Daily Mail
Men keen to be perceived as playing it cool now have a list of habits to avoid on dates. When a man asked on Reddit : 'What is a tell-tale sign that a guy is trying too hard?' more than 1,100 responses flooded in from women eager to reveal the things.

Formula 1 Racer Fernando Alonso Launches Kimoa, Talks Lewis Hamilton and Potentially Leaving McLaren - WWD
I have a [karting] circuit and museum in Spain where we teach road safety issues with kids . ... Sebastian Vettel, Hamilton, Nico Rosberg — the big names that have been in Formula 1 for many years — are the guys you want to beat and they want to beat you.

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