Manhattan Style Soldering Tips

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Making Jewelry at a Rustic Gem of a Workshop - New York Times
Over the course of eight two-hour sessions, Mr. Messin was teaching Mr. Daly and his fellow participants, Marisa Bastin, of Amagansett, and Tina Catanzaro, of Westhampton, techniques like carving a jewelry design in wax, soldering silver, setting a.

How Manhattan's "Dr. Barbie" Designed Her Park Avenue Apartment
A high-profile Manhattan dermatologist and her two young daughters find ... I wanted to create interiors that reflected her elegant and approachable style. She purchased this 4,000-square-foot apartment shortly after it had been renovated, but she felt.

Manhattan-Style Circuit in a Copper Cladding Chassis
Yesterday, we posted about a technique used in ham radio to solder together project boxes/radio chassis ... Receiver built inside of such a chassis using the Manhattan-style circuit construction technique (using small pads as connecting points on a.

'This Is Embarrassing': New J'Ouvert Security Measures Frustrate Revelers
On the whole, many people were upset by the long lines for the "New Year's Eve"-style screening that the NYPD had promised ... "Everyone else has a parade just fine—you have all the parades in Manhattan, and they don't do this. You have police coming.

Inside Alexander Hamilton’s first Revolutionary War battle
Hamilton revealed his trademark hard-hitting style: “I continued the attack for two hours ... once again forced to withdraw north from Harlem Heights toward Manhattan Island’s upper tip, when the leaves of October had already turned to their autumnal.

Whisky IN the rocks: Video shows how to serve amazing cocktails INSIDE balls of ice - Daily Mail
A novel way to step up your cocktail game has been revealed – by serving the drinks inside ice balls. YouTube user CocktailChemistry has released a video which instructs viewers looking to impress their guests how to create the spheres, which have to.

Bangle Billionaire: How Alex And Ani Founder Carolyn Rafaelian Built An American Jewelry Empire - Forbes
During one of her many long drives between Manhattan and Rhode Island in the early 2000s, not long after her third daughter was born, she had a career-defining realization: that design could be applied to a bracelet if she just increased the diameter.

Day: October 25, 2016 - Hackaday
Aside from tiny- soldering skills, [Vinod] wrote his own custom bootloader for the AVR-based Arduino. With just ... While you might think that writing a bootloader is deep juju (it can be), [Vinod]'s simple bootloader application is written in C, using.

New York City's Trendiest Cafe Doubles As A Spa
Entrepreneur Cyndi Ramirez wasn't trying to change the world with her latest project, but she did approach it with one minor gender inequality in mind. "There are really awesome places for men that combine grooming with lounge vibes, like Blind Barber and.

VFD 430 Clock, NYC Style - Hackaday
Instead, [Daniel] used the 430's watchdog timer to generate 1Hz interrupts from the 430's 32KHz clock. [Daniel] wanted to try Manhattan - style board construction for this project, so he built each module on a punch-cut stripboard island and super glued.

Gold Plated Manhattan Construction
A couple more tips along these lines: 1 ... Strip the components from the board, save the ones you want, and build your new project Manhattan-style on the old board. If the old controls or their mounting holes don't suit your project, cut a piece of.

Mink Coats and Meditation: Inside the Studio That Makes Mutant Chandeliers - Bloomberg
Chandelier designer Lindsey Adelman and 16 of her employees arrived at a Brooklyn warehouse last July, got their hair and makeup done, and, clad in gray tunics, suede shirts, and leather leg warmers, took their positions. On cue, moving to an original&nbsp.

manhattan construction - Hackaday
He even added an onboard keyer to simplify operation. You can see videos of the radio below. The build uses Manhattan - style PCB pads. Although the construction is very attractive, the real value of the post is the detailed explanation of not only how.

Mytek Brooklyn Digital-to-Analog Converter - iLounge
More recently, however, they have branched out into the consumer hi-fi market with their Manhattan and Brooklyn DACs. These devices aren't cheap — the Brooklyn currently costs $1,995 — but even if that's far out of your price range, it's still worth.

Day: November 24, 2015 - Hackaday
Reflow solder ? Dry out 3D printing filament? If you are [Alicia Gibb] you'd be baking a cake. While complaining that projects aren't a hack seems to be a favorite past time for Hackaday commentators, we think [Alicia] will be in the clear. Why? Because.

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