Men'S Fashion Trends For Fall 2014

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Seafolly, Jets, Tigerlily: Australian beach brands prized by private equity - The Australian Financial Review
In 2014 , LVMH's private equity arm snapped up Australian brand Seafolly and has since bolted on South American brand Maaji. In 2015, retail private equity juggernaut PAS Group acquired ... the broader resort wear sector is realising its growth.

From the Runway: Men's Fall Fashion 2014
Dressing right gets tricky when summer turns to fall. It's too warm for tweed, but shorts just don't feel right anymore. Fortunately, Esquire's got it all figured out for you. J Crew for Men: Spring/Summer 2014 ... trends to emerge from Milan Fashion.

Go Ahead, Wear a Pair of High Black Socks With Those Shorts - New York Times
Garret Munce, a sharp-eyed fashion editor at GQ , noticed it last summer around Williamsburg, Brooklyn, where many an unlikely men's fashion trend has incubated. “Everywhere I would go, I would see teenagers and young, cool-looking guys doing it,” Mr.

The 8 Biggest Street Style Trends From the Spring '18 Men's Shows -
From London to Paris, we saw guys embracing bright colors and prints, experimenting with accessories, and pushing the boundaries of “gendered” fashion . This month was also particularly hot—even in Paris!—so guys had the unique challenge of dressing&nbsp.

The Big Suit Trend Is Only Getting Bigger - GQ Magazine
You may have noticed we've been showing well-tailored styles in the pages of GQ ever since.) In 2017, it finally seems like the industry at all price points has embraced a less-boxy, better-fitting suiting aesthetic. But in fashion no trend is too big.

Man Cleavage Is Back—And It's a Blessing -
Male cleavage is not for everyone. That slightly naked, sometimes hairy look is certainly an acquired taste—but it's back. The proof was on the sunbaked streets of Men's Fashion Week in Paris where bare-chested swagger came in all shapes and sizes.

J.Crew -
Just as they did last season, J.Crew elected to show their new collection on “real people,” ones who were longtime friends of the brand. (Side note: Are professional models not real? If you prick them, do they not bleed?) And the “old friends” theme.

8 Men’s Fashion Trends You'll See This Fall
While the fashion world is already looking ahead to Spring 2015, we're here to prepare you for Fall 2014. The majority of fall menswear collections that were shown at New York Fashion Week last spring had muted color palettes and resurrected past trends.

Women Fashion Trends That Men Hate
Thus, that’s what we are going to speak about now, discussing the top women fashion trends that men hate ... beautiful and chic, for men they are a big reason to be alert and anxious in case you twist your ankle or fall in the worst case.

Why everyone is suddenly talking about male rompers - CNN
This Kickstarter group are officially making the male playsuit a MASSIVE fashion trend with their 'RompHim' OK! Magazine.

The Complete Guide to New York Fashion Week: Men's - New York Times
“New York men's week is more important than ever, now that it's more established,” Jim Moore, the creative director of GQ magazine, said. “I'm looking forward to even more designers on the schedule, especially new designers, and the return of some old&nbsp.

The White Sunglasses You're Seeing Everywhere Have a New Name - GQ Magazine
As tends to happen when any fashion trend hits Twitter-meme status, what's funny becomes ironic to wear —and then it becomes old. (Regardless, opportunistic companies are already capitalizing on the white sunglasses style, selling similar-style frames&nbsp.

The Best Men's T-Shirts Guide You'll Ever Read - FashionBeans
The T-shirt's versatility has a great deal to do with its ability to outlast trends ; it's the only piece of clothing that can be worn for any occasion, from under a shirt, with a suit, to the gym, beach and to bed. They are true commodities: we buy.

Nascar Style Looks a Lot Like Menswear in 2017 - GQ Magazine
But it wasn't awesome in the way that most men in job-specific gear (construction workers, motorcycle cops in Singapore, Batman) look awesome, it was awesome in the way in-the-know menswear editors might look in Fashion Week street-style snaps. There.

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