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What We Wear in the Underfunded University - The Chronicle of Higher Education
Whenever I catch a glimpse of my reflection during late-night lecture writing or midway through a mountain of marking, I recall, with dismay, a line from Jonathan Swift: "She wears her clothes as if they were thrown on her with a pitchfork." Academics.

How A Man Should Dress In His 30s - FashionBeans
The inconvenient truth is that most stylish men in the public eye are, if not buff, then at least trim, and most clothes will look good on them as a result. Daniel ... “You want people to compliment the cut of a jacket or its material, not its.

Sporting Life opens new store at Yorkdale mall - Toronto Star
Asked if he would take the company public like Canada Goose, which is flying high on the stock market since its IPO in March, or Roots, which is also pursuing a stock ticker, Russell recounts advice from Fairfax Chairman Prem Watsa. “Always make the&nbsp.

His bulletproof shirt is now available in Miami. He shot his wife to prove it works - Miami Herald
It's both stylish and effective enough to stop a bullet. But it's Caballero's ... Three months ago, the 25-year-old company set up a distribution center in Miami to provide its bulletproof sports coats , safari jackets and t- shirts to the United States.

Skip the 'fast fashion,' and other first-job wardrobe advice from an expert - Washington Post
That includes impressing a new boss, controlling your own impatient ambition and learning that networking is an art, not a contact sport . And that what you wear matters. “Fast fashion ” will be tempting. Those bargain prices will be alluring. And with a.

Arthur Cinader, founder of preppy fashion powerhouse J. Crew, dies at 90
Crew and the fashion industry as a whole, “Mr. Cinader never got the credit he deserved,” said Sid Mashburn, a designer who worked at J. Crew from 1985 to 1991 and now runs his own chain of men’s stores ... the type of jacket that Mr. Cinader.

Men's style: How to pull off the wide-leg pants trend - Chicago Tribune
That's why, after more than a decade of fashion magazines and designers encouraging the masses to adhere to the doctrine of slim-fitting pants, a looser silhouette is emerging from the runaways and onto some of the most stylish men around. Through the.

13 Times Pharrell Williams Proved He's a Master of Style -
But more and more, guys are beginning to challenge the narrow framework of men's clothing . And one of the leaders of that charge is Pharrell Williams. The great thing about Pharrell's style is how fluid it is. One moment he's tucked in and tailored.

Gawker Is Wrong: Wear a Sport Coat with Jeans
Earlier today, Gawker, somewhat randomly, proclaimed that it's not OK to wear jeans and sport coats together. We disagree. Sayeth writer Hamilton Nolan: "Wearing a sport coat with jeans does not ... the fit — and wear a sport coat, not a suit jacket.

Fashion finds an appeal from men in white coats
If the Association of Cricket Umpires and Scorers have their way, the white coat will eventually die out from grounds all over the country - from university swards to the village green. Officials attended a fashion ... white open-neck sports shirt, with.

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