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How A Man Should Dress In His 30s - FashionBeans
Fashions change, your style remains. “There aren't any hard and fast rules for turning 30,” says Freddie Kemp, a stylist at men's personal shopping service Thread. “It's more that the stakes increase. Because the fashion industry fetishises youth.

Frosted tip hair highlights for men are the latest 90s trend to make a controversial comeback - The Independent
The latest in a long line of 90s comebacks – think belly-baring crop tops, chokers and Calvin Klein undies – hair highlights for men are in the midst of a revival. Once considered a boyband staple, 'frosted tips', more commonly known as 'guylights.

Key Men's Hairstyles Trends For SS17 - FashionBeans
Opting for shorter hair once the summer hits means less sweat, not to mention less chance of carefully sculpted styles frizzing up, Sideshow Bob-style. “The short back and sides remains one of the most popular styles for men ,” says Lloyd Hughes.

Men's hair trends: Like it or not, this hairstyle is going to be huge in 2017 - Vancouver Sun
“I think that men are taking their hair a lot more seriously than they have in the past,” Conrad says. “Women have always been bombarded with fashion and trends by countless magazines. But last year for the first time ever, Google stated that men's.

From New York Fashion Week: Filipino experts reveal celebrity hair trends - Philippine Star
“From clothes to hair and makeup, it's really exciting to be at New York Fashion Week because everything from it matters. It's a very good experience to see the trends with my own eyes,” shares the celebrity hairstylist and salon chain owner, who has.

5 Key Hairstyle Trends From The AW17 Men's Fashion Weeks - FashionBeans
Though, unlike the clothes shown, which we'll have to wait for several months to drop in stores, hair trends are far more immediate. This means that now is the time to replace your 2016 buzz cut with a 2017 French crop, à la Christopher Shannon, or.

New celeb pubic hair trend – should you be doing this 'down there'? - Daily Star
Whether it's waxing, shaving or lasering, some women spend longer tending their lady garden than they do their locks on top. And now the Barbie bikini line is out and the Eighties bush is back, ladies are spending even longer pruning their pubes. There.

The Biggest Men's Hair Trends For 2017 - FashionBeans
The Biggest Men's Hair Trends For 2017. Because your barnet needs ... “In 2017, we'll see men keeping the sides of their hair short and creating the top as the main focal point, embracing longer, more textured styles on top,” says Stelios Nicolaou.

7 Smashing Facial Hair Hacks and Trends - The Good Men Project (blog)
In the world of today, women are no longer the only subjects of fashion trends . Whether it is to look good for a business deal or simply to impress the opposite gender, appearance has become important to men as well. The focus on physical features has.

Men will be (hotter) men - Ahmedabad Mirror
Oh, what do men have to do? Just pick a kurta and pyjama, slick hair with gel, a good pair of mojris, and they are good to go,' said an Amdavadi girl. And that inspired us to come up with a page (and a half) dedicated to only men's fashion . Simplicity.

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