One Direction Winter Style Trends

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One Direction's personal groomer sets this season's quirky beauty trends but can YOU pull off 'drainbow' hair and glittery eyebrows?
Lou Teasdale has a job that many teenagers would covet working as One ... products inspired by fashion, culture, music and all things creative. At her launch this week, Lou's hair stylists were testing out the season's trends and were on hand to offer.

London Fashion week LIVE! The clothes, catwalk shows and celebrity spots as they happen
Let's see if the curly-mopped One Direction star will be gracing the shows with his presence this year - and who he'll be flirting with... * We'll bring you all those celebrity spots, fashion news, hot new trends and gossip from backstage and the front row.

Bidding farewell to men’s and women’s fashion trends and faux pas of 2015
Let’s recap some of the moments, and see how fashion and trends unfolded across Pakistan and globally ... The graceful yet eye catching outerwear is a winter hit and one we are sure to see everywhere this party and wedding season. What a fitness inspired.

Larry Stylinson, the One Direction conspiracy theory that rules the internet, explained
One Direction at the 2015 American Music Awards. Styles and Tomlinson are on the right. Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images This summer ... Twitter's frequently Larry-centric worldwide hashtag trends — the ship has been one of the largest elements.

Why Harry Styles Is The Hardest One Direction Member To Love
As the One Direction hiatus draws on, fans are drawing sustenance from old YouTube interviews, update accounts, and the occasional 1D-related Twitter trend. Just two weeks into 2016, the mighty One Direction fan base has given us Twitter trends like.

Fashion report: autumn and winter trends to opt in and out of
As bleak as it is to be thinking about autumn and winter when I'm still spending the weekends at the beach, time only moves in the one direction ... spoke with a bunch of stylists and fashion buyers about what trends we should be buying into, and.

There Was a One Direction Mini-Reunion This Weekend
Like many big pop stations, ZPL holds a summer concert, this one called the ZPL Birthday Bash. It managed to get some top-tier acts in, including, get this . . . Niall Horan and . . . Liam Payne! Yes! There was a partial One Direction reunion this weekend.

Style Tips: In&Out of Winter Trends
Which means, 10 lovely & horrible fashion trends going on this autumn winter season. Yep, because it’s quite time to start talking about fall. Days are getting shorter, nights are chiller, and it’s back to maxi shirts and long trousers (at least for me.

David Jones reveals the top menswear trends for winter
If the sudden and dramatic shifts in weather on the night weren't proof enough, this year's message at David Jones' Autumn Winter ... One Direction Zayn Malik rocking a double-breasted suit with a turtleneck sweater at Tom Ford's New York Fashion Show.

Five womenswear trends adopted by men
This style has transcended its Sloanie Pony origins and somehow found its way on to the legs of lads – yes, lads – as exemplified by One Direction singer and heartthrob Louis Tomlinson, who loves to take a stroll down the shops in a pair of Ugg boots.

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