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I am open to different kinds of cuisines and styles of cooking, Indian and global,” she says. It was only after marriage ... Every recipe has its own tips . Krishna Kumari says that before transferring the pickle into a storage jar, rub its base with.

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Often eaten for breakfast in Kerala , a state in South India, an appam has the crispy edges of a dosa but the spongy interior of an uttapam pancake. Its flavors are just as polarized: An appam starts sweet, greeting you with coconut and sugar, before.

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The recipes look a bit complicated, but everything can be done well in advance, leaving you with nothing to do at the end except heat up the various dishes. Serve the curries either in communal bowls, or (more authentically) give everyone their own.

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Andhra Style Green Chilli chicken is a dry chicken recipe that is spiced mainly with green chilies and it also appears green in colour. It can be .... Serve Andhra Style Green Chilli Chicken with Tomato Onion Sambar and Steamed Rice for a weekday dinner.

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Moringa. What's the fuss all about? Yes, the world might have put moringa on the pedestal as a superfood but across South India it has been an integral part of the diet for years. Moringa is also the botanical name (Moringa Oleifera) for drumstick that.

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It's Mariamma who does the bulk of the cooking , aided by another cook, and husband Varghese. ... And, out come steaming plates of Kerala red rice, sambhar (cooked by Varghese), fried fish - rawas is the day's speciality, bangda curry cooked with raw.

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This is, for the most part, the cooking of the South of India, where the weather can be hotter, the food can be spicier, and there's a great fondness for vegetarian cooking — and for a fascinating realm of pastries, breads, pancakes, crepes and the.

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Sambar , borrowed from the district's Tamil speaking populace, often outshone the traditionally served Pulisheri (a thinner yogurt-based kadhi) as the chief gravy to polish off the rest of the rice with. The hungry ... What I described was a 1980s home.

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The Maratha legend holds sambar to have taken birth in the royal kitchen of Thanjavur Marathas where the king's court named the novel recipe after their guest, the Maratha emperor, Sambhaji. Other sources link sambar's origins to Karnataka and Tamil.

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NEW DELHI: Residents of Dallupura near Mayur Vihar woke up to a surprise visitor on Wednesday — a full-grown, male sambar deer that had settled in a park after apparently damaging a few vehicles while coming into the area early Wednesday morning.

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