Shikani Intubating Style Tips

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Near-Death Experiences, as Seen by Medical Professionals
Before intubating him, I remove the upper set of dentures and ... This has become known as the “dentures case,” and it is often discussed now by those debating what near-death experiences mean. The other story often referred to is the “Reynolds.

7 Tips To Stay Calm During A Patient Emergency
If you’re great at intubating and confident in your abilities ... and being prepared and ready for any and all possible patient emergencies. So follow these tips, and when the time comes that an emergency code is called, take a deep breath, close.

Videolaryngoscopy and Indirect Intubating Aids in Airway Management
We outline how videolaryngoscopy differs from direct laryngoscopy, the advantages and disadvantages, tips on how to improve the ... The benefits of videolaryngoscopy and indirect intubating aids are presented in Table 3.2. In order to perform intubation.

Hit-run suspect flees with head out the window after windshield broke
An EMT who treated Halter at the scene said he was in grave condition. “When I got to the scene, the patient was already very bad,” the paramedic said. “He was unconscious, bleeding from his head and foot. “We were doing CPR and intubating him.”.

Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation sting for 50 hospitals over malaria
Dr Patel said that Dr Parikh apparently contracted the virus while intubating a patient with an unknown hemorrhagic viral fever when a splash of patient's blood landed on his face. Doctors fear that this might be just the exposure that has brought down Dr.

Comment on Irresponsibility and Intubation – The EMS Standard Of Care
I expect that the same failure of prophesy will occur, when incompetent paramedics are prevented from intubating. I expect that the fatality rate will decrease, when incompetent paramedics are prevented from intubating. I think you’re out of your mind.

Verathon, maker of GlideScope video laryngoscopes, provides free educational DVD to promote best practices in pediatric airway management.
but also providing the right educational information needed to help physicians who routinely intubate children, as well as those who infrequently work with kids. Dr. Gooden's expertise and teaching style make her a wonderful partner in this effort.

CRACKCast E036 – Multiple Trauma
This episode of CRACKCast covers Chapters 36 of Rosen’s Emergency Medicine – Multiple Trauma. Trauma is the leading cause of death in people aged 1-44 years and is therefore an essential aspect of emergency medicine.

Shikani optical stylet-guided intubation via the intubating laryngeal airway in patients with scar contracture of the face and neck
OBJECTIVE: To evaluate the feasibility of the Shikani Optical Stylet (SOS)-guided intubation through a new Intubating Laryngeal Airway (ILA) in anticipated difficult airways caused by scar contracture of the face and neck. METHODS: Thirty-three adult.

Guest Commentary: The difference between stand-alone ER facilities and urgent care
When you arrive at these ER facilities by walking in the front door or arriving via ambulance, you will quickly receive the highest-quality care to stabilize and treat your emergent medical condition — whether that means intubating someone to help them.

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