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Australia has hottest winter on record - Arab News
A file photo shows a surfer riding a wave at Freshwater Beach in Sydney on July 20, 2017. Australia recorded its highest daytime winter temperatures on record this year amid a long-term warming trend largely attributed to climate change, the weather.

Aired 7-7:30a ET • Federal Agents Conduct Immigration ... Clarify Email Comments; Summer Games Kick Off Today; Protests Over Cops Shooting Chicago Teen; The Fight Against Zika; Driving While Distracted. Aired 8-9p ET July 30, 2016 • 3 Shot Dead at.

Europeans greatly overestimate Muslim population, poll shows - The Guardian (blog)
Germany and the UK greatly overestimate their country's Muslim population and the rate at which it is growing. An Ipsos Mori survey that measured the gap between public perception and reality in 40 countries in 2016 found French respondents were by.

Special News Quiz | 2016 in Review - New York Times
In a special section called Turning Points, The Times writes, “ 2016 will enter history as a pivot that revealed the depth of the fears, alienation and frustration of our times, abruptly upending many of our assumptions about the future.” See what you.

Australia risks losing thousands of fee-paying university students from India after dumping the 457 visa - and more ... - Daily Mail
39; Australians first': Turnbull government to abolish 457 visas for foreign workers The New Daily.

'Refugees have trouble integrating': Muslim psychiatrist calls for cut to Islamic immigration following Manchester ... - Daily Mail
Dr Ahmed, who has helped migrants in Australia , said the revelation that a 22-year-old British-born man from a Libyan family, Salman Abedi, had detonated a suicide bomb at Manchester Arena highlighted the challenge of integrating Muslim refugees.

How New York A-lister Laura Brown made her Australianness an asset
“A” stands for both Australian and A-lister in the case of Laura Brown, who is using her nationality to stunning effect in the cut-throat world of New York publishing. In the process, she’s breaking the mould of what a fashion editrix should b.

The Great Mariel Boatlift Debate: Does Immigration Lower Wages? - Wall Street Journal
In the spring and summer of 1980, some 125,000 Cuban refugees sailed from the port town of Mariel on fishing boats and pleasure craft toward the U.S., many destined to settle in Miami. Nearly four decades later, that exodus is at the center of an.

Trump unveils plan to HALVE legal immigration, give preference to highly-skilled English speakers and STOP ... - Daily Mail
Trump Unveiled a Plan to Reduce Legal Immigration , and It's Absolutely Terrible POPSUGAR.

Italy considers closing its ports to boats carrying migrants - The Guardian
Merkel fears that long-term demographic trends mean 100 million Africans could be driven to Europe by climate change and poverty, an eventuality for which European governments are unprepared. Her guiding idea is to stem migration by combating poverty&nbsp.

A WGSN Trend Forecaster Explains Why Tonic Youth Will Be Huge in 2018
How do you see seasonal fashion changing ... or a light down jacket in the summer to travel to Australia or Iceland (or just to be comfortable on a chilly flight anywhere). What will the “psychotropical” trend look like? Exotic, bright and printed.

Summer Reading Books: The Ties That Bind Colleges - New York Times
But this summer , all of their incoming students received the same reading assignment: “Just Mercy,” a memoir by the lawyer Bryan Stevenson of his work defending the poor and the forsaken, and a call for criminal justice reform. ... all three authors.

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