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Best Hair and Makeup Beauty Trends in 2016 -
2016 may have had a lot of lows (the "Me at the Start vs. Me at the End" Instagram memes say it all), but in terms of beauty trends , it couldn't have been much better — because really, what's more mood-lifting than glittery coated lips? From everyday.

8 Beauty Trends That Blew Up at the New York Fashion Shows This Weekend -
At New York Fashion Week this weekend, playful pops of feel-good color abounded in the form of radical dye jobs and high-voltage statement makeup, as did graphic accents that were just as traffic stopping as the miscellany of bright and inspired.

Kris Wu: China's Influencer 'Triple Threat' - The Business of Fashion
Wu made his runway debut for Burberry in January 2016 , a “breaking the internet” event in China according to digital consultancy L2, who said that around the time of the show, approximately one-third of fashion brand mentions on Weibo were about.

A guide to all those weird words your teen uses - USA TODAY
I'm fairly hip, though my teenage daughter would beg to differ. Still, translating the latest “slanguage” in 2017 is no easy feat. Teens these days drop so many “lits,” “fams,” and “wokes,” that you never know if they're giving you a compliment or.

Teens favor Snapchat over Instagram and Facebook
The study highlights spending trends and brand ... survey in spring of 2016 and has only increased its lead in the popularity contest since then. Facebook (NASDAQ: FB) has not been the most popular social media platform with teens since at least spring.

Are Teenagers Replacing Drugs With Smartphones? - New York Times
With minor fits and starts, the trend has been building for a decade, with no clear understanding as to why. Some experts theorize that falling cigarette-smoking rates are cutting into a key gateway to drugs, or that antidrug education campaigns, long.

'Dripping' may be a new, dangerous trend for teens who vape - USA TODAY
39;Dripping': the new, dangerous trend for vaping teens South China Morning Post.

The Fashion Industry Is Learning More And More About How You Spend, Thanks To AI
Players in luxury retail need to adapt to this trend if they are to thrive. Having said that, what roles will AI play in luxury fashion? With an ever-increasing ... estimated to grow from US15.95 billion in 2016 to $38.92 billion by 2021.

The future is fluid: Generation Z's approach to gender and sexuality is indeed revolutionary - The Daily Dot
But as this group of young Americans become teenagers , even certified legal-drinking adults, one defining feature experts are starting to notice is the iGen's tendency to view gender and sexuality as something on a spectrum, not just simply male or.

It's 10 PM Do You Know What Apps Your Children Are Using? - New York Times
Flipping through Yellow is like watching an MTV beach party from the 1990s, with countless photos of shirtless teenagers looking to “make new friends.” ... Get lifestyle news from the Style , Travel and Food sections, from the latest trends to news you.'s Teenage Revolution: How the Trend-Setting Lip-Sync App Is Changing the Music Industry - Billboard
And with half of all American teens (according to the company's estimate) using the app, has become a bona fide cultural phenomenon, even inspiring pearl-clutching among “olds,” from parents fretting over sexualized youth and online.

How to Wear a Canadian Tuxedo Like Your Favorite Denim Icon -
So, it should come as no surprise that one of the most polarizing denim trends is still very much on everyone's radar: the Canadian tuxedo. And it seems we aren't the only ones. Denim on denim is a celebrity favorite as well. Who can forget the moment.

Li Yuchun: meet the pop star taking gender neutral style to China - The Guardian
So here is some context: the current darling of China's dominant pop genre, Mandopop, Lee's 2016 album, Growing Wild, outsold both Drake's One Dance and Beyoncé's Lemonade in the first 16 days of its release. In the same year, Lee (also ... If anything.

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